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World Missions

The Mission of Missions

World Missions wants to provide PUC students with an opportunity to follow Christ's Great Commission to "go into the entire world" and fill the various needs that exist in foreign countries and here in the United States.


World Missions - Will you go

The Vision

World Mission's vision is to see hundreds of PUC students on fire for service and excited about volunteering a year or more of their time to the Lord's service. The needs that exist in the world today, in far away countries and here in the US, are enormous and daunting. With God's help, however, He can turn these challenges into lifelong blessings.

Everyone who returns from being a Student Missionary is forever changed. How can they not be when they have allowed God to use them for a year? My hope is that more and more PUC students will experience the tremendous power and exhilaration that can only be achieved by giving one's life completely into His keeping.

World Missions offers a variety of opportunities for you, if you wish to let the Lord take charge in your life. Through mission work you can step out of your collegiate life for a year and become a teacher, pastor, nurse, dean, chaplain, maintenance worker, tutor, medical assistant, orphanage worker, or many other exciting things. Positions and needs exist around the world and more often than not, they go unfulfilled. You don't realize what a difference a year of your time can make; whether it's in the life of a child in Micronesia, an orphan in El Salvador or filling a need in another part of the world, until you go and experience it.

What if your light is the only one they will ever see?

What if you never go and fill that need?

World Missions needs people - the world desperately needs people, who are ready to serve, are open to change and feel called to His service.

Task Force

A task force worker (just like a student missionary) makes a commitment to give a period of his or her life, anywhere from three months to a number of years, serving God in one of many varied mission positions. Task force workers generally serve in the United States. They teach, preach, raise children, work maintenance jobs, work secretarial jobs, work in hospitals, and do many other diverse jobs. For information, call 707-965-7120.

Get the Scoop

To find out more about mission work, check out, the official missionary volunteer website for the North American Adventist church. You can find more info about the process and experience of becoming a student missionary.

Who to Contact
If you're interested in being a student missionary or finding out more about missions, feel free to contact us at the Chaplain's Office.

Fabio Maia
Missions Coordinator

Ben Speegle
Administrative Assistant

Madeline Miller, Student Director of World Missions

Miranda Mailand, Assistant Student Director of World Missions

Sending Packages

While the main call of World Missions is to go out into the world, you can be a part of it without ever leaving PUC. Every other week PUC sends out packages to our in-field Student Missionaries. We need help packaging and addressing these encouraging gifts. Also we need people who are willing to "spread the word" by advertising World Missions here on campus. World Missions supports two Vespers a year, a World Missions Week and various other fundraising events – helping hands are always appreciated. If you are interested at all, join us for a pre-vespers to learn more about World Missions, we have them every other month! Find out how you can fill a need.

Additional Links

World Missions Documents

Packet 1: Print out all the documents in Packet 1. To get the process started, just bring the filled out forms in that packet, along with your $100 application fee, to the Chaplain/World Missions Office located between the Campus Center and Scales Chapel.

Packet 2: When we have had your SM Interview, we will need the Packet 2 forms filled out and turned in.

Packet 1

Packet 2

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