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EMT-P to RN Program

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Reason for the EMT-P to RN Program

There are over 20,000 licensed paramedics in California, many in the Bay area, and these providers have voiced interest in pursuing a pathway to obtain a nursing degree. With the ongoing need for registered nurses in the Napa Valley and Bay areas, Pacific Union College (PUC) has received approval from the Board of Registered Nurses to offer an EMT-P (Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic) to RN Program to meet both needs. Since the closest EMT-P to RN program from Napa County is over five hours away, PUC intends to offer an EMT-P to RN Program at the Napa campus, where students from the Sacramento and Bay areas can easily travel due to the non-traditional format of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Highlights of the Program

This program is offered in a non-traditional format for the working paramedic to enable students to work full time while continuing their education to be a registered nurse. 

EMT-P to RN Orientation and Bridge Course

  • Orientation: August 2024 (date TBD)
  • The EMT-P to RN Bridge Course (NURS 213) is scheduled for Fall 2024 and will meet seven full 8-hour days
  • EMT-P students are required to pass the Assessment Technology Institute PN Comprehensive Exam at a predetermined standardized level (currently 71.3% or above) during the Paramedic to RN Bridge Course in order to start the nursing curriculum
  • After successfully completing the EMT-P to RN Bridge Course, students will join the LVN/Med-Tech to RN cohort of 18 students for the first of three nursing sessions
  • Nursing curriculum (session one) starts January, 2024

EMT-P to RN Program Length

  • 18 months after completion of the Bridge Course.
  • Three 17-week sessions are extended over the 18-month program.
  • Generous breaks between the three sessions to facilitate students’ preparation for the next session and accommodate personal obligations.
  • Theory is taught during three coreweeks; coreweeks are four consecutive 8-hour days (normally on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) evenly spaced throughout the 17-week session.
  • 12-hour clinical labs are scheduled on non-coreweek Sundays during the session.

EMT-P to RN Program Format

  • Non-traditional format for the working adult.
  • Adult education principles are the foundation of the program, which is structured to allow students to meet other life obligations while upgrading skills and professional knowledge.
  • Maximum class size for the EMT-P to RN Bridge Course is nine.

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