Albion Field Station

Mendicino Coast

Albion Field Station

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we are still limited in how many cabins we rent. We plan on opening more cabins April 1st, with the priority being groups from churches and schools. At present, we are not allowing online booking. We apologize for this inconvenience. Until we are confident guests can book rooms without concern for their health and safety and those around them, we will not be utilizing online booking. If you wish to book a room, please email us at We will also not be booking individual rooms more than a month in advance due to the priority given to large groups.

The Albion Field Station might just be Northern California's best-kept secret. Quietly nestled near the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by forested hills, the Albion Field Station lies in the heart of the majestic Mendocino coast. Located in the valley of an old lumber camp, it has welcomed students and visitors with its rustic charm since 1947.

The Albion Field Station is owned and operated by Pacific Union College and offers an ideal base from which to explore and learn. Tide pools and estuaries open up windows into the natural world that most people only read about. It's not uncommon to discover a timid doe with her fawns feeding nearby or to spot varieties of birds competing for food. The Center offers extraordinary opportunities for students, families, and groups to explore and learn. The quaint facilities provide a relaxed, comfortable and affordable environment for enjoying the beautiful Mendocino coast.

Albion No Pet Policy

We have a NO PETS POLICY. Please make arrangements for the care of your pet before coming to Albion. For accommodations for your pet please visit