Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

The Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) is designed to help students transfer from California community colleges to four-year institutions. The goal is to create a clear pathway for students to earn baccalaureate degrees.

PUC participates in the ADT pathway and offers a variety of degree options for students graduating with an Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or an Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) from a California community college. PUC guarantees admission to any student who has obtain an ADT in an accepted program (see list below) and who meets PUC’s admissions requirements. Each qualified student will be admitted with junior-level standing and will be given a minimum of 90 quarter units of transfer credit. Official community college transcripts with the posted ADT degree must be submitted to PUC for processing.

If you have completed an approved ADT prior to transfer, you are eligible to graduate in the specified major within 102 quarter credits. The exact pathway to complete the specific major will depend on the specific ADT curriculum. The 102 quarter credit graduation option will not be possible if you change majors or elect to add any additional academic program, such as a second major or minor. You should consult with your academic advisor before making any changes to your academic program. 

These 102 quarter credits are typically completed over the course of two years (6 quarters), with students taking an average of 17 credits per quarter. As part of these credits, you must complete all remaining major requirements and all PUC graduation requirements. Students who have completed recommended prerequisites prior to transfer will find it easier to complete in a timely manner.

Specific information is included on each guidesheet listed below.

ADT Degree PUC Specified Major
AS-T Biology Major in Biology, BS
Major in Biology, BA
AS-T Business Administration Major in Business Administration, BS
Major in Business Administration, BA
AS-T Chemistry Major in Chemistry, BS
Major in Chemistry, BA
Major in Biochemistry, BS
AA-T Communication Studies Major in Communication, Communication Studies Emphasis, BS
Major in Communication, BA
AS-T Early Childhood Education Major in Early Childhood Education, BS
AA-T Economics Major in Business Administration, BS
Major in Business Administration, BA
AS-T Environmental Science Major in Environmental Studies, BS
AA-T Film, TV & Electronic Media Major in Film, BA
AA-T Kinesiology Major in Exercise Science, BS
AS-T Mathematics Major in Mathematics, BS
AS-T Physics Major in Physics, BS
AA-T Psychology Major in Psychology, BS
Major in Psychology, BA
AA-T Spanish Major in Spanish Studies, BA
Major in Language & Culture Studies, Spanish Emphasis, BA
AA-T Studio Arts Major in Art,  BA