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Spiritual Life Now

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Jonathan Henderson Speaks for Fall Revival

This week, Pastor Jonathan Henderson speaks for Fall Revival, Pacific Union College’s annual fall quarter week of spiritual emphasis.

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Henderson Joins PUC as Campus Chaplain

Pacific Union College and the PUC Church are pleased to welcome Pastor Jonathan Henderson to his new position as Pacific Union College campus chaplain and associate pastor of the PUC Church, effective September 1, 2014.

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Student Week of Prayer Highlights Personal Testimonies

The entire campus—students, staff, and faculty—gathered together as a community of faith during Student Week of Prayer.

Spiritual Life

Community. Asking big questions. Expressing faith in worship and service. This is a campus with a dedication to honest enquiry, individual experience of faith, and expressing spirituality through active service. Students are constantly involved in prayer and Bible study groups and unique and varied worship services as well as a very active core of service programs and ministry groups.

A Campus Community of Faith

From Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, the PUC community observes the Sabbath. The College invites all students, visitors and employees to help create a special spiritual atmosphere on campus. The campus also holds vespers, a weekly student worship, in the church sanctuary on Friday nights at 8 p.m. to open the Sabbath with fellowship, praise, and an inspirational message. Each quarter, PUC celebrates a Week of Prayer, featuring guest presenters and student speakers. In addition to these large-scale programs, the campus is busy with small groups meeting for prayer, Bible study, worship, and service.

PUC Church

Home Lunches

Home lunches are all about home-cooked meals, family-style fellowship, and a great way to spend Sabbath afternoon. Every third Sabbath while school is in session, families open their homes to hungry college students for Sabbath lunch. Students sign up in the foyer just before The Gathering service.

Cell Groups

These small groups meet regularly on campus for prayer and Bible study.

Childrens Church

The kids of the church love it when college students help out with the children's church services that take place on the second Sabbath of each month. If you're interested in helping out, call Pastor Norma Osborn at 965-7297.


Elmshaven, the former home of Ellen G. White, one of the founders of the Adventist church and key figure in PUC history, is located near PUC. Daily tours are offered Sun-Thurs, 10 am-5 pm; Fri, 10 am-1 pm; Sat, 2-6 pm. For more information, call 707-965-9039.

Featured Resources

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