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Aetna Student Health Insurance

Pacific Union College is committed to the health and safety of our students. Health insurance is critical in providing peace of mind knowing students can receive the services they need in the event of an illness or injury.

With this in mind, the college requires all students to carry health insurance that provides coverage for emergency and non-emergency off campus medical and mental health services obtained in the Napa Valley area.

Important Changes to the PUC Student Health Insurance Requirements for 2016-2017

  • Effective September 1, 2016, PUC will no longer offer a student health plan.
  • All students taking six or more units per quarter are required to carry their own primary insurance plan.
  • All students are required to either validate adequate primary insurance coverage (through the waiver form) or sign up to purchase Aetna student health insurance NO LATER than September 26, 2016 by going to the Aetna student health insurance website. (Waiver information will be found on your primary insurance card).
  • You are responsible for contacting your insurance carrier to verify you have adequate coverage in the Napa Valley. If your plan does not meet minimum coverage or you do not have a primary plan, PUC will automatically purchase Aetna student health insurance for you. Charges will be billed to your PUC student account and cannot be cancelled for any reason after the September 26, 2016, deadline set by Aetna.
  • For services not offered through Health Services/Counseling Center: Any outside medical/mental health services obtained off campus are the financial responsibility of the primary plan subscriber. PUC will no longer assume primary and/or secondary payment for any reason.
  • International students: You can view your health plan at Aetna student health insurance website as you will automatically be signed up for the required health insurance and charged to your PUC student account.
  • Pioneers Athletes: If your health insurance is not a California based plan, please check if they cover intercollegiate sports-related injuries. If your insurance provider excludes coverage on intercollegiate athletics, you will need to purchase insurance such as Aetna Student Health Insurance.

We encourage you to read the information provided at the Aetna student health insurance website and take the time to make an informed decision regarding your health coverage. If you have questions regarding the Aetna student health insurance for PUC students, please contact their customer service at (877) 480-4161.

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