June 24-29, 2018 (APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 16)

Theme: STEM topics and skills

Students will take the following classes:

Physics and the Human Body

This course will touch two branches of physics, dynamics and geometric optics, and their applications in the human body. The students will learn the concepts of force, torque, and momentum and apply them to investigate the mechanisms of the human arm. They will study the laws of reflection and refraction and apply them to the human eye.

The class will consist of active learning on dynamics and optics through different activities, practical exercises, and discussions. There will also be many opportunities to conduct simple hands-on demos, experiments, and data analysis.

Taught by Dr. Vola Andrianarijaona, professor of physics

Biology: Campus Critters

Discover the wild mammals in the forests and fields of PUC’s rural campus by taking photos with motion-activated trail cameras as part of an ongoing biological research project. Students will learn how to set up the cameras to photograph and identify mammals which are seldom seen on the campus. Data on the presence of mammals in different habitats and at different hours of the day will be entered into a spreadsheet. The data will be analyzed to quantitatively describe the habitat use (forest interior vs. forest edge) and daily activity patterns (primarily diurnal or nocturnal) of each species. The results of the project will be used to consider the potential impacts of forest fires and deforestation on mammal populations.

Taught by Dr. Floyd Hayes, professor of biology

Co-Curricular Activities

Having fun, making new friends, and learning something new is what Pacific Quest is all about! In addition to classes, we will be doing many fun and exciting activities. Enjoy stargazing at the Young Observatory, test your knowledge at the quiz bowl, take part in a talent show, and have fun at the pool party. We will be do team-building activities where we will learn leadership, build your confidence, and trust in one another. Put a smile on and get ready for some fun!

PacificQuest camp director: Matthew Russell, instructor of emergency services

PacificQuest academic director: Aimee Wyrick, chair and associate professor of biology


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