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PUC Announces Tuition Freeze for 2016-2017

President Heather Knight announced a tuition freeze Monday as part of an effort to control the higher education costs and reducing the toll of student debt on families. 

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PUC Announces New Degree Program in Music Composition

Pacific Union College is excited to announce the introduction of an exciting new bachelor’s degree program focused on music composition. The inaugural class will enroll this fall and has already been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

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PUC Student Accepted into Leadership Development Program

Christopher Lawrence, a junior accounting major, was among 33 college students and recent graduates accepted into the 2015 Leadership Development program at Adventist Health Systems.


General Catalog

The catalog will serve as your constant personal adviser in the continuing process of planning and managing your college career. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this catalog is correct at the time of publication. Altered circumstances and policy changes, however, may affect the accuracy of the information it contains. Consequently, should any regulations or program requirements be in conflict with information in this catalog, current regulations and requirements govern. The catalog presents only an overview of College policies and regulations.

Academic Catalog

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Academic Catalog 2015-2016 10/19/2015 Download


Calendars, The College, The Mission of the College Pages 1-12 6/26/2015 Download
Student Life and Services Pages 13-16 6/26/2015 Download
Admission to the College Pages 17-20 6/26/2015 Download
Academic Information and Policies Pages 21-30 6/26/2015 Download
Degree Requirements and General Education Pages 31-42 6/26/2015 Download
Courses Pages 43-46 6/26/2015 Download

Academic Departments and Programs

Aviation Program Pages 47-50 6/26/2015 Download
Biology Department Pages 51-56 6/26/2015 Download
Business Administration & Economics Department Pages 57-66 6/26/2015 Download
Chemistry Department Pages 67-70 6/26/2015 Download
Communication Department Pages 71-78 6/26/2015 Download
Computer Science Department Pages 79-82 6/26/2015 Download
Education Department Pages 83-102 6/26/2015 Download
English Department Pages 103-108 6/26/2015 Download
Exercise Science, Health & Nutrition Department Pages 109-116 6/26/2015 Download
History Department Pages 117-122 6/26/2015 Download
Honors Program Pages 123-126 6/26/2015 Download
Mathematics Department Pages 127-132 6/26/2015 Download
Modern Languages Department Pages 133-136 6/26/2015 Download
Music Department Pages 137-144 6/26/2015 Download
Nursing and Health Sciences Department Pages 145-160 6/26/2015 Download
Physics Department Pages 161-164 6/26/2015 Download
Psychology & Social Work Department Pages 165-172 6/26/2015 Download
Religion Department Pages 173-180 6/26/2015 Download
Visual Arts Department Pages 181-196 6/26/2015 Download


Financial Information Pages 197-208 10/19/2015 Download
Personnel Pages 209-222 6/26/2015 Download
Appendix/Index Pages 223-228 6/26/2015 Download

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