Student Life

Participation Expectations

Pacific Union College has a rich heritage of Christian values we hope to share with all students who have chosen to attend PUC. As a Christian liberal arts college, PUC is committed to assisting students develop a comprehensive view of life from a Christian perspective. Regular participation in community worship settings and service activities will help achieve this goal.

Proration Request Form
A proration request form for students who want to reduce their attendance credit requirement.

Religious and Community Service Activity Request
Request to do community service and other activities for attendance credits.

Our Expectation

Freshmen – 36 credits; Non-freshmen – 24 credits

Attendance at religious services is recorded when a student has swiped in and out of a program or signed an attendance card/sheet. Attendance records are posted on WebAdvisor/Lantern. These records may be viewed at

Religious Service Attendance Options

We encourage each of you to get involved in a small worship group, witnessing activity, or a community service opportunity as this participation will accumulate attendance credit for the quarter.

Vespers: Weekly student worship in the Sanctuary on Friday evenings. As Seventh-day Adventist Christians, the Sabbath is opened with fellowship, praise, and an inspirational message.

Fusion: Designed to assist first-year students in the transition to college life. Students meet in small groups weekly to identify and clarify values and beliefs which form an essential foundation for success in relationships, academics, and spiritual life.

Service Opportunities: The human spirit needs an opportunity for other-directedness. Focusing on meeting the needs of others provides meaning and purpose in life which adds self-worth and a sense of accomplishment. PUC offers many opportunities for students to become involved in out-reach as well as in-reach.

Regular Programs Attendance Credit
Life Groups (Freshmen only)
Residence Hall Worship
Week of Prayer (except Thursday morning)
Colloquy Speaker Series
Other Program Options

Club Bible Studies/Pre-vespers
Departmental worships
Homeless Ministries
Film Series
Her Life, His Life Series
Bible Studies

Attendance credit totals may vary depending on content, length, programming, etc.

*(available only after the expectation of 10 Colloquy credits has been met for GRNL 100)

Schedule Conflicts

Students are to adjust work schedules to meet the participation expectation. Should a schedule conflict exist, a Proration Request may be submitted online. Students requesting proration on the basis of work conflicts must submit a letter from their employer indicating the student's weekly work hours. Contact Student Services at 707-965-7362 for more information.

Exemption from the Expectation

Students aged 23 and older, students who are registered for six or fewer credits, married students, parents with children, BSN program, online programs, student teaching, holder of a baccalaureate degree, or last quarter baccalaureate senior with perfect participation attendance. Please contact Student Services at 707-965-7362 or if you are any of the above.