Student Life

New Student FAQ


When is New Student Orientation and when do classes start?
New Student Orientation begins on Wednesday evening, September 18, 2019, and continues through Sunday, September 22, 2019. The first day of instruction is Monday, September 23, 2019.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is designed to assist first-time, first-year students age 19 or younger in the transition to college life. Students meet in small groups weekly throughout the year to identify and clarify values and beliefs which form an essential foundation for success in relationships, academics, and spiritual life.

Fusion begins with a get-acquainted party and continues at a weekend retreat. Required of all first-time freshmen age 19 or younger, this retreat is filled with worship, friendship, and fun in the beautiful redwoods of Northern California. Be sure to bring only casual clothing: a warm jacket or sweater, comfortable closed-toe shoes for hiking, a flashlight, a sleeping bag for cool nights, pillow, personal care items, toiletries, a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a Bible, notebook of paper, a pen, and an adventurous spirit! The camp we are going to has a skate park, Ropes Course (with 400-foot zip line), climbing wall, volleyball court, ping pong, swimming pool, outdoor basketball court, soccer and baseball field. Buses leave campus on Friday, September 20, at 1:30 p.m.

*A $125 retreat fee will be applied to your student account, even if you do not attend the retreat.

The retreat is mandatory for first-time freshmen who are 19 years or younger. Freshman who are exempt from attending the retreat are 20 years and older, married individuals, parents, and those who have been excused from attending (must contact Student Life at 707-965-7362).

Academic Life

How will I know who my academic advisor is?
You will be assigned an academic advisor from the academic major that you declare. Your assigned advisor is listed in Student Planning/WebAdvisor, which is the online tool used at PUC to register for classes. Your advisor will assist you in your choices and answer questions, but ultimately you are responsible for taking the right courses at the right times. To help you plan your academic career, read thoroughly the PUC General Catalog.

How and when do I register for classes?
If you are an in-coming student and have selected a major, an advisor from your chosen department will contact you to lead you through the process of selecting and registering for your first quarter at PUC. If you have not been contacted and wish to pre-register, please contact the office of admissions. Once on campus, you will meet with your academic advisor in person to verify your schedule and clarify any questions about that you have about your major. Once registered, you can find your schedule on Student Planning/WebAdvisor. If you have any questions about this process, please call (707) 965-6336 or email

What if I haven't decided on a major yet?
That's okay–you don't have to decide today. For students unsure of their major, PUC has created the category of "undeclared." The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) advises the students who have not declared a major yet. Keep in mind that the sooner you choose a major, the more easily you can complete the requirements of an academic program within the time allotted for the program, saving time and money. Some majors require close planning right from the beginning because of their highly structured requirements. Other majors allow more freedom in selecting elective courses. Contact the TLC for more information on choosing a major by emailing: or calling (707) 965-7688.

What if I am interested in a pre-professional program?
If you're seeking acceptance to a professional school, such as dental or medical school, you do not major in "pre-dentistry" or "pre-medicine." Rather, you work towards any four-year degree in a major of your choice while taking classes that meet professional school pre-entry requirements. If you're in a pre-professional program other than dentistry or medicine, you need to complete specific pre-entry requirements for that program. You will be assigned a pre-professional advisor who can help guide you through these requirements.

What if I want to change my major?
No problem! It's a student's prerogative. Don't feel as if you're locked into a major. If you need to change your major, visit the Records Office to notify them of your desire to change majors. You will be assigned a new advisor in your new major to guide you through the requirements.

Whom should I contact if I need information about disability-related accommodations?
PUC's Teaching and Learning Center offers students with diagnosed learning, psychological, or physical disabilities access to accommodations and support that will improve their college experience. Students with disabilities need to be seen by the Coordinator of Disabilities Support Services who helps determine appropriate resources. Contact the TLC for more information by emailing: or calling (707) 965-7688.

Where do I go if I need tutoring or general advice on how to maximize my learning experience?
The Teaching and Learning Center is passionate about helping PUC students develop their abilities for a successful college experience. The Center is located next to the Dining Commons. TLC services include tutoring, advising for students with undeclared majors, plus individualized academic coaching and mentoring. Computer-assisted learning resources are also available for a variety of subjects. Contact the TLC for more information by emailing: or calling (707) 965-7688. Students on academic probation are automatically assigned academic coaches at the TLC and are expected to meet with them weekly throughout the quarter.

What testing will I need to have?
For in-coming freshmen to register for classes at PUC, you must have taken either the ACT or the SAT college entrance exam. If PUC has not received your ACT or SAT score by the time you arrive on campus, you must take the residual ACT on the day New Student Orientation begins.

Career guidance and testing will be available at the Career & Counseling Center during New Student Orientation.

How do I apply to the Honors Program?
PUC's Honors Program offers an alternative baccalaureate-level general education program for academically motivated students. It is built around a series of core texts, illustrating significant themes in the liberal arts.
The goal of the Honors seminars is to create an atmosphere in which students feel free to experiment with ideas and to test them in open debate with classmates and teachers. The program presents significant books, films, art, and music in a Christian context. Each student, regardless of educational goals, is encouraged to seek truth and to act upon it. If you are interested in this program and are eligible to participate, please fill out the online application. For more information, contact Dr. Peter Katz at (707) 965-6611 or

Residence Life

When can I move into the residence hall and what do I need to bring?
The residence halls will be open for you to move in on Wednesday, September 21, from 1-4 P.M. Hopefully, you will have already filled out the Housing Reservation and paid the $200 enrollment fee.

When you are planning what to bring with you from home, keep in mind the following items: mattress cover, desk lamp, linens for a bed, wastebasket, small vacuum, circuit breaker power strip, computer and network card, telephone, earphones, iron, airtight food storage containers, room decor to reflect a Christian atmosphere, and cleaning supplies. Optional items to bring: cell phone (Verizon offers strongest signal), coffee maker, microwave, mini refrigerator (four cubic feet or less), and computer. For more information download Residence Hall 101.

If you have any questions, contact the women's residence hall at (707) 965-6310 or the men's residence hall at (707) 965-6491.

What if I want to live off campus?
PUC affirms the values gained from being primarily a residential college. By accepting admission, a student 22 or younger agrees to live in a residence hall–unless the student applies and is granted an exception. Any rental/lease agreements should not be finalized until you receive approval. Review the Housing Policy to see if you are eligible to live off campus. To apply to live off campus, fill out and return the appropriate Community Housing Application to Student Life.

For forms and more information regarding off campus housing, click Housing or contact Student Life at (707) 965-7362.

How can I get involved on campus?
PUC has Clubs and Organizations, the Student Association, Intramurals, and Campus Ministries service opportunities to participate in. Make new friends while getting involved in something significant.

Spiritual Life

Who can I contact about spiritual needs or concerns?
PUC is not only a community of learners, but we are also a community of believers in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In all aspects of life, we seek to integrate our faith into our daily activities.

The chaplain is available to help students explore their relationship with God and what it means to be a Christian in today's world. The chaplain is also advisor to the Student Association Religious Vice President and Campus Ministries. This includes inreach and outreach programs and activities like vespers, weeks of prayer, small groups, and student missions. The chaplain's office is in the Office of Service, Justice, and Missions which is located off the sidewalk that leads from the Campus Center to the Church.


What about computers and Internet connections on campus?
Wireless networking is available in all residence halls, most academic buildings, including the library, and some administrative buildings. This wireless networking allows students and faculty access to the Internet from any device that has wireless network capabilities. In addition to wireless, the residence hall rooms are equipped with the wired network, which gives greater bandwidth capacity. Students do not need to bring wireless access points.

PUC recommends that students consider purchasing a notebook that has both wireless and a standard gigabit network adapter built in. For suggestions on purchasing a computer and other ITSS related information, see PUC Information Technology Student Information. If you have any questions, please contact ITSS at (707) 965-7000. PUC also recommends all students bringing a computer to campus should bring an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect the computer from power outages which sometimes occur at PUC. Additionally, property insurance coverage specifically for the computer should be considered and can be obtained through your personal insurer.

Students also have access to computers and printers at several locations on campus. The library, business administration, computer science, math & physics, chemistry, and psychology and social work departments have PC's. The library has a few Macintosh computers.

Our main IT policies are on PUC's website, and it is mandatory that all students read them. Please access the policies at the following links:

We especially encourage students to read "Personal Use of the Internet":
Any downloading, distributing, copying or sharing of copyrighted or proprietary material is illegal without the written authorization of the owner of the rights (17 USC 204(a)). If you are sharing, downloading, or receiving copyrighted materials such as music, video, television programs or software without written authorization of the owner of the rights, please immediately stop this to avoid legal penalties including fines of thousands of dollars from the RIAA and MPAA. Please note that downloading copyrighted materials is not anonymous and your computer can be tracked down.

PUC provides computing resources to assist you at PUC; Academic and administrative uses have the highest priority. Reasonable personal use is permitted. PUC reserves the right to access and disclose as necessary, all records of Internet usage sent over its system. Since your Internet usage can be accessed by PUC without prior notice, you should not use the system in any way you would not want to be published. You should not use these systems for purposes such as soliciting or advertising for commercial ventures, religious or personal causes, or outside organizations, or other similar non-academic related solicitations. If PUC discovers you are misusing the network, you may be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, termination of computer privileges.

Are there computers and Internet connections on campus?
Wireless networking is available in all residence halls, most academic buildings, including the library, and some administrative buildings. The residence hall rooms also utilize the wired network, which can be more reliable and faster. Students purchasing a new computer should choose one that has both wireless and a standard 10/100/1000 network adapter built in. For other computer and technology suggestions, see Information Technology's information for prospective students. Students also have access to computers at the library, business administration, computer science, math, chemistry, and psychology and social work departments.

Why do I need an ID card?
Your picture ID card serves as your meal ticket, library card, permit to buy textbooks, and timecard. Have your ID card made as soon as you arrive on campus.

What about financial aid?
Worried about financing your PUC education? Click here to find out more about Financial Aid.

When do I need to register my vehicle?
During the school year, every vehicle parked on campus must be registered with Public Safety upon arrival. There are permit fees that apply. You will need to show your vehicle's proper state registration, proof of insurance, and your driver's license.

Do I need to have health clearance?
Yes. You will need to fill out and send in the Health Information Form. See Health Services for more information.

Where can I get school supplies at PUC?
The College Bookstore, located in Angwin Plaza, sells textbooks, reference books, general reading books, cookbooks, office and school supplies, college mementos, PUC logo clothing, gifts, children's books, and greeting cards. The Bookstore accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex; personal checks require two ID's. Textbooks and school supplies for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters may be charged to your student account.

The Bookstore buys back textbooks all year-round, but final examinations week is the best time to sell your textbooks since books needed for the next quarter will be bought at 50% of the price you paid.

Call (707) 965-6271 for more information.

How do I buy books from the PUC Bookstore?

Know your classes. Print your schedule off WebAdvisor, making note of the department, course number, and section for each class. There are two ways to purchase books from the Bookstore:

  1. Buy your books online. You may order online at any time but the books will not be ready for pick up or shipping until two weeks before the beginning of each quarter. There are two ways online to find out which books you need for your classes:
    • Go to and select the books to buy one class at a time, or
    • Log in to WebAdvisor, click Students, click Order Textbooks, select the Term and click Submit. A page will display all the courses and sections you are registered for in the selected term. Below the list of courses click Order from the PUC Bookstore. A page will display all the courses and all the textbooks that you need for those courses. Select the books you wish to purchase and any other items desired and proceed to Checkout. Follow the online instructions to pay for your purchase.
  2. Come to the Bookstore, select the books you want, and purchase them.
    • Bring your class schedule from Lantern to be sure you purchase the correct books.

At the Bookstore, nursing books are shelved just like other textbooks. Be sure to identify nursing classes by course number, not by quarter. For example: Third Quarter Nursing is actually NURS 125.

Sometimes a book will be identified as "Recommended." The professor does not require you to have this book for the class but he/she thinks it is a good idea. Or a book may be listed as "One of These Required" which means that you can buy either of the books listed (they are usually the same book with different ISBN numbers).

Please note: Some classes have several sections, each one with different books. Example: ENGL 101 has 7 different sections. In order to buy the books for the correct class, you need to know which section you are in. This also happens with RELB 120 & 121.

Save up to 25% by purchasing used textbooks. At the end of each quarter, used textbooks can be sold back for up to 50% cash back.

Purchasing textbooks from the college Bookstore guarantees the right textbook for your class, on the shelf and online; convenience to shop textbooks online with free in-store pickup; and full refund when books are returned during the add/drop period. Shop Now & Save Big.

Are books available for rent? What about eTextbooks?

Yes. The college Bookstore is your best source for all types of textbooks. Save over 50% with book rentals which you can highlight, take notes, and make your own. Receive friendly reminders when your rentals are due back. Save over 60% with eTextbooks which can be downloaded instantly from the college Bookstore website.

What if I bought the wrong books?

Even if you are careful, it is still possible to buy the wrong book. If you bought the wrong book, don't worry. The Bookstore accepts book returns that are in their original condition and still in the shrink-wrap, if applicable, until the end of the first week of class (Summer session books need to be returned by the second day of class). Bring your receipt and student ID. Do not write in your books until you are sure that you are keeping them; you will not be able to return your textbook if it has been written in.

What if my book is stolen?

Once you know you are keeping your book, put your name in it. It is also a good idea to put some identifying mark in your book that is not quite so obvious. For example, you could circle a certain page number, underline a specific word on a page, or write a special word on the edges of the book. Call us to report the theft, and give a brief description of your identifying mark along with the ISBN of the book. We will flag that ISBN and keep a watch out for it during buyback.

If you have questions, call the Textbook Information line at (707) 965-7117.

What information is available for my parents?
All parents are encouraged to attend parent orientation and enjoy a special meal with the president at the beginning of New Student Orientation in September. Additional parent information can be found on our parents resource page.

Whom do international students need to contact?
The international student advisor, based in Student Life, provides general international student advising services for F-1 students. All F-1 students are required to meet with the international student advisor within the first week of each quarter. International students in F-1 status may work on campus up to 20 hours without permission from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). International students wishing to work off campus are required to consult with the international student advisor at (707) 965-7362.

How can I find a job?
If you are looking for work on or off campus, check out Student Employment for current job openings. Students must obtain a Student Employment Authorization form from the Student Employment office before starting on-campus employment.

What are the directions to PUC?
Pacific Union College is located in the Napa Valley town of Angwin. Directions to PUC can be found in the Getting to PUC section while directions for finding your residence hall or your classes, can be found on the Campus Map.