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New Students

There is much to do before classes even start!  The resources on this page are here to help you make sure you're ready for the beginning of your first quarter at PUC.  Instructions are simple: make sure you do all this stuff.  And if you need any help, don't be afraid to ask!

Start Guide
Your resource for things to-do, Residence Hall 101 and contacts, the orientation schedule, and information about the Fusion retreat.

Things to do - Once you get here
Now that you are here, your resource for things to-do, detailed schedule, office hours, and map.

Things To Do

Before You Get Here

You may not be on campus yet, but there are still things you need to do to get ready for college. Use this handy checklist to make sure you’ve got your bases covered before you get here.


  • Enrollment Fee: Before you’re able to register for classes or make housing plans, you’ll need to pay the $200 enrollment fee. Pay online at
  • Housing Information Form: Along with paying the enrollment fee, all students must fill out this form at Residence hall students, this is where you can tell us about your hall and roommate preferences so we can make the perfect match.
  • Off-Campus Housing: If you plan to live off campus, see to check eligibility and to fill out the required forms, which you’ll need to submit to Student Life.


  • Class Registration: If you haven't registered for classes yet, now is the time to put together the perfect schedule! Call Enrollment Services to register for Spring Quarter at 800-862-7080, option 2.
  • WebAdvisor: Create your WebAdvisor account at WebAdvisor is the program you'll use to register for classes, check grades, and communicate with your advisor.
  • Webmail: Create and confirm your PUC e-mail account at From information about school events to important messages from your professors, this is the account the campus uses to get in touch. Log-in and password are the same as WebAdvisor.
  • ACT/SAT Scores: If you haven't yet, make sure you take the ACT or SAT test and send your score to PUC. If you don't, you'll be required to take the ACT during orientation.


  • Health Information Form: See your doctor before you get to campus. Download the form at Documents can be faxed to 707-965-6243. Contact Health Services at 707-965-6339 or for more information.
  • Health Insurance: All students are required to carry their own primary insurance plan which must provide access to a provider network in the Napa area. Any student with an existing medical insurance plan must go to the Aetna waiver site at and waive out of the Aetna Insurance plan or PUC will automatically charge the Aetna Insurance Plan to your student account by the first day of school.
  • Financial Clearance: Get all your financial paperwork finished up by working with Student Financial Services. Don’t wait too long—if this isn’t completed by 4:30 p.m. on the second day of class, your registration will be cancelled. Call 800-862-7080, option 1 for more information.
  • Vehicle Registration: Got wheels? Get them registered to avoid parking tickets. Online vehicle registration is available at (you must have a WebAdvisor account). Once you get on campus, stop at Public Safety to pick up your parking sticker.
  • Cell Phones: While the college does not provide cell phone service, you may find local cell providers at Verizon Wireless has a tower on campus and therefore provides the best coverage. Cell coverage can be limited in some areas of campus due to the campus environment, and location, topology. The college's wireless network supports wi-fi enabled smartphones and tablets.

After You Get Here

You made it to PUC! After you've unloaded your boxes and suitcases, run through this checklist of things you need to do on campus. If you haven't yet finished your list of Things To Do Before You Get Here, you still have some time to check things off the list before classes start on Monday. Hop to it!

  • ID Card: This 2 by 3 inch piece of plastic will be your ticket to the Dining Commons, library, and bookstore! So make your first stop at PUC the Dining Commons, where you'll take a photo and get your card.
  • Parking Sticker: You can always recognize a PUC car by a small rectangular sticker in the bottom left-hand corner of the rear window. Avoid parking tickets by picking up your parking sticker at Public Safety during orientation. Your vehicle must first be registered to receive a sticker; go to
  • Academic Advisor: For the smoothest ride through college, meet with your academic advisor often. If you are a registered freshman but want to make a change in your schedule, you will need to do so through your advisor. If your first-quarter schedule is set and no changes are required, you don't need to meet with your advisor during orientation.

Things To Do
After-you-get-here checklist

Residence Hall 101

First time away from home? Here are a few tips and crucial pieces of information that will help in a smooth transition from home to residence hall.

General Information

Each residence hall room is fully equipped with the following items:

  • Twin beds/bunk beds
  • Closets and dressers
  • Desks and chairs
  • Window coverings (except Newton and Grainger)
  • Carpet (except for portions of Andre Hall and the north wing of Winning Hall)
  • Two 10/100 MB Ethernet connections. Network card not provided. Wireless Internet is available throughout each residence hall and most academic buildings. See for more information.

Each residence hall has the following facilities:

  • Coin-operated laundry (save those quarters!)
  • Ironing boards
  • Kitchens or cooking areas
  • Lobbies, study rooms
  • Outdoor bike racks

What to Pack

Can't fit your entire room into the minivan? Put down the packing tape and take a moment to read over our recommended packing list. Once you know the essentials for survival and what's not allowed, you might think twice about hauling your grandma's floral couch up Howell Mountain Road.

On some of these items, you might check in with your roommate so that you don't end up with two microwaves or rugs! For more details on residence life, check out

Must Haves:

  • Desk lamp
  • Bedding, including mattress cover
  • Wastebasket
  • Cleaning supplies for the room and bathroom
  • Small vacuum (not supplied by residence hall)
  • Telephone (optional)
  • Iron
  • Appropriate decorations
  • Circuit breaker power strip
  • Computer and network card
  • Ear buds or headphones
  • Air-tight food storage containers

Kinda Must Haves:

  • Microwave
  • Mini-fridge (four cubic feet or less)
  • Cell phone (Verizon offers strongest signal)
  • Photos of family and friends

Cannot Haves:

  • Your own furniture
  • Pets (only exception are fish)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Extension cords
  • Large speaker systems
  • Monitors or TV screens larger than 24 inches
  • Cooking appliances which have a visible coil and as indicated by the Student Handbook.

Residence Hall 101
What to know, what to pack, who to contact.

Residence Hall Contacts

Women’s Residence Hall

Main Number

Lunelle Bertresse
Assistant Dean of Women
Graf Hall
(707) 965-6522

Kristi Horn
Associate Dean of Women
McReynolds Hall
(707) 965-7478

Gena Philpott
Associate Dean of Women
Andre Hall
(707) 965-7461

Rebecca Seibert
Assistant Dean of Women
Winning Hall
(707) 965-6285

Men’s Residence Hall

Main Number

Hernan Granados
Associate Dean of Men
Newton Hall
(707) 965-7418

David Ringer
Associate Dean of Men
Grainger Hall
(707) 965-6490

New Student Orientation

Spring 2019
Date: March 31, 2019
Location: Dining Commons, Rooms A & B
Time: 1:00 pm (approximately one hour)

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Parent Information

You are welcome to help your student move in to the residence hall. If you are bringing your student to campus and need a place to stay, see Area Lodging for information. Additional information may be found at the Parent FAQ.

Student Handbook

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook helps you become familiar with the resources and opportunities available to students, as well as the policies that govern student privileges and responsibilities as members of the PUC community.

PUC Student Handbook
The handbook that all students should read and abide by.

Need More Help?

We are here to be your guide to PUC. Give us a call at 1-800-862-7080 or email us and we will provide you with all the information that you need!