Student Life

Student Life Goals

Exude Pride in PUC

  • Be proud to be at PUC.
  • Create a positive climate on campus
    • Speak positively about ourselves (negative self-talk impacts morale)
    • Find positive ways to resolve our issues
  • Make PUC feel like home away from home
  • Take ownership in our college
  • We belong here, we are committed to being here
  • Let others know how important they are to PUC
  • Believe.  We can and do make a difference!

Bridge Socially and Spiritually

  • Social Gospel focus in spiritual programming
    • More social consciousness activities, benefit concerts
  • Spiritual activities during the weekdays, not just Sabbath
  • Service Activities 
    • Promote the campus ministries that are social outreach in nature (ie.: Homeless Ministries, KidzReach, World Missions package nights, YWAM).
    • Challenge each campus club to do a service activity sometime during the year
  • Create bridges for the introverted and the unconnected

Serve Locally and Globally

  • Serve on site, participate in random acts of kindness daily
  • Be the Secret Service
  • God Squad groups in Fusion
  • Service day with all NAD colleges and universities
  • What kind or helpful thing can I do for someone today?

Learn Outside the Classroom

  • Learning permeates our campus
  • Learning occurs in the residence halls, civility, community, interpersonal relations, cooperation
  • Learning occurs via social programming, group dynamics, psychology, personal discovery, challenges of fitness, endurance, intelligence, and creativity
  • Learning occurs in spiritual programming, appreciation, epiphany, tolerance, wonder, commitment
  • Learning opportunities and challenges for personal spiritual growth are obvious and available

You'll Never Walk Alone

  • Every new student will make at least 10 new friends and one student mentor at the Fusion Retreat
  • Every student will get involved in helping and serving this year
  • Every student will get to know at least one faculty, staff, or administrator well enough to write a letter of recommendation
  • Every student will be invited to join (based on Spiritual Gifts Inventory) at least one ministry or start their own ministry or club on campus
  • Every student will have numerous opportunities to grow and share spiritually
  • Walk the talk–every day!