Student Life

Forms & Downloads

General Student Life

College Sponsored Student Activity Request
Use this form for off-campus Student Activities.

Event Request Form
Outside organization request to use PUC facilities.

Fundraising Request Form
Use this form to request an authorized fundraising event.

Petition to Organize a New Club
Use this form to organize a new club.

Reduction Request for Minimum Board
Learn how to make a request to reduce the standard minimum board (cafe charge).

Religious and Community Service Activity Request
Request to do community service and other activities for attendance credits.

Proration Request Form
A proration request form for students who want to reduce their attendance credit requirement.

International Students

Apply for Driver's License
How to obtain a California Drivers License.

Apply for Social Security Number
The Social Security Numbers (SSN) is a 9-digit number issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to those individuals who are eligible to work in the United States.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a work authorization granted to students in F-1 visa status.

Entry into the United States
Prepare for your entry into the United States.

Off Campus Employment
Information about the three types of on-campus employment available to F-1 students.

On-Campus Employment
On-campus employment for F-1 visa students.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Optional Practical Training, also known as OPT, is defined in the regulations as “temporary employment for practical training directly related to the student’s major field of study.”

Tax Treaties and Form 8233
Tax treaty information.

Transfer In Request
This form is to be completed by international students in F-1 status who wish to have their SEVIS record transferred from a U.S. SEVP-approved educational institution to Pacific Union College.

Transfer Out Request
This form is to be completed by international students in F-1 status who wish to have their SEVIS record transferred from Pacific Union College to another U.S. SEVP-approved educational institution.

New Students

Residence Hall 101
What to know, what to pack, who to contact.

Complete orientation and Fusion schedule for Wednesday through Monday.

Start Guide
Your resource for things to-do, Residence Hall 101 and contacts, the orientation schedule, and information about the Fusion retreat.

Things To Do
Before-you-get-here and after-you-get-here checklists.

Things to do - Once you get here
Now that you are here, your resource for things to-do, detailed schedule, office hours, and map.

Policies and Procedures

Student Handbook

PUC Student Handbook
The handbook that all students should read and abide by.