Student Finance

Summer Session

During summer school, PUC offers tuition savings to all students who enroll, except those taking directed study courses.

Summer 2019


$425/hour–regular classes

$295/hour–most seminars and workshops

$850/hour–directed study

Room Rates
(Residence Hall)

$243/week–Single, $34/night single, $23/night/person double

$122/week–Single Special*

$162/week–Double, per person

$82/week–Double Special, per person*
Dining Commons

Students will only be charged what they eat each day. The Dining Commons is open during the summer on Monday-Thursday, from 11 am-6 pm; and Friday-Saturday, from 11 am-1:30 pm. Call the Office of Student Life at 707-965-7362 for more information.

  • Women and families may make residence hall housing arrangements by calling Winning Hall at (707) 965-6310.
  • Men may make residence hall housing arrangements by calling Newton Hall at (707) 965-7418.

It is assumed that you will be a single occupant (with a single occupant rate) unless you make arrangements for someone to share the room with you. Room rates as quoted do not include linen. Projected room charges are due at the time of registration for each course.

*this rate is available for students attending workshops and for residents who are working full time on campus.

Summer Residence Hall Discount*

There is a special 50% off the full room rate during the summer for students who are:

  1. Employed on campus and taking PUC classes.
  2. Taking classes full time.
  3. Living in the Residence Halls.

*Does not apply to Courtplace or Brookside apartment living.

Music Lessons

  • $200/hour, with credit (tuition additional)
  • $300/hour, no credit


Full payment at the time of registration for each course is required for all tuition, workshop fees, and projected room and board (see Expenses). All students who register for summer school are subject to the financial policies as stated in the annual Bulletin regarding payment of their accounts and release of transcripts.