Student Finance

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application

1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The first step in applying for financial aid is completing your FAFSA at Your FAFSA information will be sent to the colleges you select (PUC's school code is 001258) 2-3 days after you submit it, and you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) to review for accuracy. The FAFSA determines your expected family contribution and your eligibility for:

2. PUC Financial Aid Application

Complete Your Financial Aid Application to receive need or merit-based financial aid.

3. Financial Aid Award Package

After you complete your FAFSA and Financial Aid Application, our office will verify your FAFSA. You might be requested to provide additional documents. Please do so as quickly as possible to expedite your financial package. Once your FAFSA has been verified, you will receive a financial aid award packet containing:

  • your award letter indicating your financial aid (loans, grants & scholarships)
  • financial check sheet detailing expenses, financial aid, and payment plan
  • appropriate loan documents or other required forms
  • payment agreement

Financial Aid Eligibility

To be eligible for financial aid you must:

  • be a citizen or permanent U.S. resident
  • demonstrate financial need through the application process
  • register for at least 12 credit hours
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • not be in default on a student loan
  • not owe a federal grant refund
  • be registered for Selective Service if required to do so
  • have no prior conviction for drug distribution or possession

Please keep us informed of changes in your financial situation.