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Vehicle Registration

If you need to register your vehicle, please select the appropriate link below.

Vehicle Registration
Registration for vehicles on campus.

This page contains information about the following:

Vehicle Pre-Registration

Beginning July 1 of each year, students can pre-register vehicles through Lantern using information from your driver's license, state vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance. If you try to pre-register before July 1, your registration will not be valid for the school year.

When registering a vehicle, information from the following documents is required:

  • Current DMV registration with state of residence
  • Driver's license
  • Proof of current insurance

Permits can be obtained subsequent to completing the online registration process beginning July 1 and continuing throughout the school year. During the actual school year, make sure to have an appropriate permit affixed to your vehicle at any time the vehicle is on campus or you will be subject to receive a parking citation.

Permits are issued based upon two factors:

  1. Your class standing (seniority), and
  2. When you register your vehicle (first-come basis).

Validate your class standing before completing your vehicle registration. L-Newton, R-Grainger and W-Winning are preferential lots, determined by class standing. Seniors are given preference through July 31. Juniors are then given preference in addition to the seniors up through August 31. Sophomores are then added with the seniors and juniors beginning September 1. Upperclassmen are strongly encouraged to register their vehicles early in order to obtain preferential lot permits.

Permits for preferential lots must be picked up no later than the first week of fall quarter. Permits not picked up will be issued to lower classmen.

Vehicle Registration for BSN Students

BSN students must also register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit for the PUC campus, but will have the option to choose the type of permit that best suits their attendance needs–a Community (C) permit issued for the whole year at a one-time nominal fee, or a Provisional (K) permit issued in one-week increments at $5 per week and allowing parking in "C" lots.

When registering a vehicle, information from the following documents is required:

  • Current DMV registration with state of residence
  • Driver's license
  • Proof of current insurance

Online Vehicle Registration

Online vehicle registration is completed through WebAdvisor and is available off-campus only for new and current PUC students. Faculty, staff, visitors, prep-students, and For-Sale-Lot vehicles must be registered through an on campus computer at the non-student vehicle registration form or in person at the Public Safety office.

When registering a vehicle, information from the following documents is required:

  • Current DMV registration with state of residence
  • Driver's license
  • Proof of current insurance

Registration Policies

  • Additional vehicles registered to residence hall students will only be eligible for General (G) parking allowances, and normal vehicle registration fees apply. Faculty, staff, and community students may register multiple vehicles.
  • A permit may only be displayed on the vehicle to which it is registered, and it must not be altered in any manner.
  • Any type of parking permit that is lost or stolen will be subject to a full year's vehicle registration cost as a replacement fee.
  • All parking permits indicate the parking lot designation by letter. Student permits also show the valid academic year.
  • A vehicle registration is not complete until the regular permit has been obtained and affixed to the vehicle.
  • Any information supplied during the vehicle registration process may be disseminated to appropriate college personnel and/or local, state, federal authorities when deemed necessary.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Residence Hall Students (subject to proration) No charge
General "G" Permits only (subject to proration) No charge
Additional Vehicle for Residence Hall Students; issued as "G" permit No charge
Community Students No charge
Additional Vehicle for Community Students No charge
Damaged Permit Replacement Fee No charge
Prep Students No charge
Provisional Parking Permit (for temporary vehicle) No charge
Faculty/Staff, Visitors, and Paulin Center No charge
Temporary and Courtesy Permits No charge
Summer Session No charge

Residence Hall Students No charge
Community Students No charge
Faculty/Staff No charge

Further Information about Vehicle Registration
  1. Proration: Only Vehicle Registration fees for Residence Hall students are eligible for reduction or refund, based upon a prorated basis. The proration is calculated as 1/3 of the total cost, allocated per each quarter. Motorcycle registration fees for Residence Hall students are not eligible for reduction or refund.
  2. The full (or remaining) year's registration fee is to be paid up front, and should a student not return for subsequent quarter(s), a prorated refund can be issued for the quarter(s) not attending. To obtain a refund, the student must bring their vehicle by the Public Safety office and have the permit removed by a staff member who will generate the refund. Permits not reclaimed will not be eligible for a refund.
  3. Residence Hall students who register a vehicle either in Winter or Spring quarters will be changed a prorated yearly fee, also based upon a 1/3 reduction of total cost per quarter.
  4. The last date within each quarter whereby a refund can be issued for that quarter is based upon the date of the college's "Last Day to Delete Classes" for the quarter in question. Typically this date is 2 weeks after the quarter begins. Refunds requested after this date will not be eligible for a refund of that specific quarter's charge.
  5. The cut-off date within a quarter whereby a student will not be charged a vehicle registration fee for that specific quarter is the college's "Last Day to Withdraw From Classes". Typically this date is the last 2 weeks of the quarter before finals. Vehicles registered before this date are subject to a vehicle registration fee for that specific quarter.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees
Application of charge(s) to student bill $5.00 per item**
Returned Check NSF Fee $15.00
DMV Records Access Fee $15.00
Defaulted Payment Plan Penalty Variable

**Note: Per item fee includes citations, vehicle registrations, or any other applied charge.

Permit Information

A "Parking Permit" is a formalized document that is unique to a specific vehicle which grants definitive parking allowances on the PUC campus, for a specified duration, in conjunction with established parking rules and regulations, in the form of the following permit types: Standard, Provisional, Temporary, or Courtesy.

Display: Parking permits are to be displayed in the bottom left corner, on the outside, of the rear window. If your vehicle is a convertible, pickup, or SUV with a retractable rear window, the permit must be affixed to the front windshield, driver's side lower corner, on the outside of the glass. Motorcycle permits are to be placed on the lower portion of the motorcycle's front fork, right side.

Fees and Refunds: A vehicle registration fee is assessed on all student vehicles. Faculty, staff, employees, and visitors are not charged a registration fee. Residence hall students are entitled to a prorated registration fee (based upon date of registration), and prorated refunds (for quarters not attending). Community students and motorcycle registration fees are not eligible for proration or refund. For complete information on current fees and applicable refunds, contact Public Safety or see Registration Policies.

Disabled Vehicle: Disabled vehicle parking permits are available from the Public Safety office, granting a reasonable time to fix a disabled vehicle and relocate it to its assigned lot. The disabled vehicle permit must be obtained before receipt of any citations.

RV Parking: All RVs must be self-contained as there are no hook-ups available. There is a dump station located near the entrance of Mobile Manor that is open for use at no cost. Additionally RVs are allowed to park in the lot behind the Market.

For Sale Lot: This is located on the east side of Howell Mountain Road, just south of the Mailroom/Copy Center. Private owners may park their cars and motorcycles in this lot for sale. Vehicles must be in running condition, registered with the state, and insured. Sellers must obtain a permit at no cost from the Public Safety office to use this area.

Bicycles: Bicycles may be registered at the Public Safety office at no cost and receive a registration sticker as part of the college's crime prevention program.

Release of Liability and Disclosure Statements: Pacific Union College assumes no liability or responsibility for any personal property while on college property. Parking on the campus is at your own risk. PUC reserves the right to close any area on campus as needed. Parking privileges may be revoked for excessive violations of California or Campus Vehicle Codes. PUC reserves the right to search a person's vehicle with reasonable cause. Vehicle registration information may be disseminated to appropriate college personnel or law enforcement authorities as necessary without notice.

Individualized Parking Permits for ALL Vehicles: Each and every vehicle must have its own individual permit. There is no allowance to swap permits between different vehicle.

Damaged Permit Replacement Requirement: Should a standard parking permit become damaged, the vehicle AND damaged permit must be taken to the Public Safety office. In order to only incur the reduced Damaged Permit Replacement Fee, the damaged permit must be reclaimed by the Public Safety staff.

Lost or Stolen Parking Permits: Any type of parking permit that is lost or stolen will be subject to a full year's vehicle registration cost as a replacement fee.

Types of Parking Permits

The following types of parking permits are valid on the Pacific Union College campus:

  • Standard: 1.5" x 2.25" permits issued each year and affixed to rear vehicle windows. Yearly charge based upon type of permit and residency. Supports a parking lot letter designation and academic year of validity.
  • Provisional: Issued to vehicles that are only going to be on the campus for a short period of time. Issued in weekly increments at a charge of $5.00 per week.
  • Temporary: One-day permits, time-stamped and distributed without the necessity of any on-line vehicle registration. May be pink, green, or blue and are issued at no cost. Valid until subsequent business day.
  • Courtesy: Hand-written 4.25" x 5.5" permits. Issued at no charge and solely at the discretion of the staff.