Public Safety

General Information

Vehicle regsitration form

Basic Parking Information

Parking Permits

Parking Citations

Basic Parking Information

Vehicles are to be registered prior to, or immediately upon, arrival to the campus. Vehicles can be registered online 24 hours a day through Lantern for all students, or through the Public Safety site for all faculty, staff, and visitors, and other non-students.

Outside of the normal business hours, a temporary parking permit will be issued at the Public Safety office, allowing you to park in the General (G) lots until the next business day. Temporary parking permits are available at the Public Safety office 24 hours/day.

Obtaining Your Parking Permit: All students pick up parking permits in person at the Public Safety office.

Open Parking: All student parking lots (C, G, L, R and W) will be "open" during the first week of fall quarter, and will not be cited. After the Friday of the first week of fall quarter, normal parking rules go into effect. There is no "open" session for winter, spring, or summer quarters.

Parking in "A" Lots: Faculty and Staff "A" lots are closed to student use 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday year-round. There is no "open" parking in these lots.

Important Dates

Sept 22: Fall Quarter Begins

Sept 22 - 26: Open Parking in Student Lots

Sept 26: Deadline to Obtain Your Parking Permit

Sept 26: Termination of Open Parking in STUDENT Lots

Sept 29: Parking Enforcement in STUDENT Lots Resumes

Sept 29: Issuance of Remaining Parking Permits