Public Safety


Public Safety functions as a service agency to the campus populace. The following services are available to any student, faculty, staff, or visitor to the PUC campus.

Safety and Security Patrol

Patrol officers available for general campus safety and security response

Vehicle Battery Starts

"Jump-starting" vehicles with a portable jump starter box

Night Escort Service

Night safety transportation for on-campus individuals

Law Enforcement Liaison

Interaction/representation to local law enforcement agencies

Communication Center

24-hour/7-day information and communication center for all college-related issues:

  • Safety issues
  • General information
  • Campus maintenance problems
  • Monitoring of general public emergency radio frequencies (FRS)

If you would like to see more services provided that aren't listed above, please inform Public Safety of your ideas. We are always looking for more ways to be of further assistance to our campus populace.

*NOTE: Some services are on an "as-available" basis and certain restrictions may apply