Information Technology

Stop Media Piracy

Below is a wealth of media resource information. Please be safe and avoid (STOP) violating copyright infringement laws.


Amazon Video on Demand - Pay
Amazon's movie rental or buy program. Works on TV or computers. You can watch while you are still downloading with a broadband connection. Costs: from $1.99.

Blockbuster - Pay
75,000 titles. Rent or Purchase DVD's online for mail delivery. Can return or exchange at store nearest you. 3 movies at a time for $19.99/mo. As soon as you return one another one is sent from your movie queue. Free shipping both ways. Similar to Netflix plan.

HitBliss - Free
HitBliss is a new start-up in the streaming movie & TV space which gives users legal access to stream thousands of movies and TV episodes without any monthly fees.

Hulu - Free
Hulu offers streaming movies, all for free and available in high quality.

iTunes Movies - Pay
Thousands of movies for purchase and rental, in SD and HD.

Joost - Free
Joost offers free streaming movies. Quality is good, and the selection is decent. Ads play at certain points during the movie.

Netflix - Free
Netflix is a DVD/Blu-Ray rental-by-mail service. The selection is incredible, and the delivery times are the fastest around. There is also a large selections of on demand movies.

Walmart Movies - Pay
Purchase DVDs and Blu-Rays, with free shipping (site-to-store). Walmart has a massive collection to choose from, some with exlusive content. They also have constant "roll-backs" on popular titles and bundles.


Grooveshark - Free
Grooveshark is an internationally available online music search engine, music streaming service and music recommendation web software application, allowing users to search for, stream, and upload music free of charge that can be played immediately or added to a playlist. Grooveshark aims to help bridge the growing gaps between artists, consumers and those in between who distribute, market, and promote music.

iLike - Free
A web social music discovery service application in the Facebook Platform. Over 15 million registered users it helps the community discover each others playlists and concerts that match their tastes. The iLike sidebar on iTunes recommends new music and automatically creates playlists. A place to find friends that like your kind of music.

iTunes Music - Pay
The selection is incredible. It does require a software install, but it is relatively simple. Costs: Songs 99¢/ea. Music Video 99¢/ea. - Free creates a personalized streaming radio station for you based on songs you like.

Napster - Pay
Over 5 million songs pop, hip-hop, rock, country, jazz, classical. Subscription based as low as $9.95/mo. Free 7 day trial. Once you stop the subscription the music you downloaded will no longer be playable.

Pandora - Free
An internet radio station that produces custom stations based upon the styles of artists that you alread like, using the Music Genome Project®. The stations that Pandora creates must be listened to online, and cannot be downloaded to portable music device, although it can be accessed from some AT&T mobile phones. Cost : free with ads.

Rhapsody - Pay
Large selection of live and early songs from every musical genre, including comedy and live radio are available for listening or/and downloading depending on which option you choose: RhaspodyToGo (Windows only) or Rhapsody Unlimited.

Slacker - Free
Slacker allows for streaming radio stations, of virtually every genre. A free version allows for much functionality, and a paid version adds extra features.

Spotify - Free

Walmart MP3 Downloads - Pay
Walmart MP3 Music Downloads currently has over two million songs to choose from, in genres ranging from pop to country, rap to hip-hop, rock to Christian, soundtracks and more. They add new music to the store every Tuesday.

Yahoo Music - Pay
Games, music (over 2 million), music videos, internet radio, news and blogs. A subscription based service which allows you a 14-day free trial of the whole track (not just 30-seconds) but if you don’t cancel, you are automatically enrolled

Zune - Free
Microsoft purchasable product that offers music videos, 3 million songs, albums, DRM-free MP3s.

TV Shows

Clicker - Free
Thousands of episodes from thousands of shows are housed on thousands of different sites, mixed among billions of random clips and videos.

Hulu TV - Free
Hulu offers streaming TV shows for free. The selection is very good, offering shows from FOX, NBC, and several other stations. Short commercials play at points throughout the show.

iTunes TV - Pay
iTunes has many TV shows available for download, at a reasonable price. Many shows available in HD. Prices vary based on length and quality.

Joost TV - Free
Site offering TV shows, films, sports coverage and music videos. The content is delivered through channels, and requires that you download the Joost client which supports both Mac and Window (i.e. you need their client application, not just a web browser). Cost: Free with ads

Netflix TV - Pay
In addition to their popular rent-by-mail movie service, Netflix also offers TV shows on DVD for rent. In addition, most plans allow for streaming of some TV shows to your computer or compatible device.

Walmart TV - Pay
Wal-Mart has hundreds of TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray for purchase through their site. Shipping is free from site-to-store.