Information Technology

Cleaning and Maintaining your computer from spyware

Spyware Removal Instructions

(*NOTE: PUC ITSS is not responsible for problems that result or appear to result from following these instructions.)

ITSS Recommended Protection and Removal Software
(Note: PUC campus users can download the ITSS preferred software from under the Spyware link)

  • CCleaner - Removes temporary files and unused items. Free Download
  • Malwarebytes - Detection and Removal of Malware.Free Download

Future Prevention

Much of the malware that is out there can easily be avoided by following a few easy guidelines:

  1. Use Anti-Virus or Internet Security tools and keep them updated. Many of them monitor what is comming through your connection and will stop malicious software so you dont have to!
  2. Be wary of where site's and emails are sending you. Many sites and emails can look identical to a legitimate company or person but will actually be attempting to infect your machine! (Learn more about Phishing.)
  3. Avoid downloading stolen, copywritten or pirated materials. Many of these downloads will entice you with cracked software or media in order to infect your machine.
  4. Pay Close attention when installing any 'free' software. Even the good programs sometimes try to install tag-along software you don't want or need!