Human Resources

Massage FAQs

How much do the 15-minute massages offered by the Wellness Program cost?
It's FREE to all employees of PUC and HME

What's the best way to get on the 15-minute Massage schedule?
Keep your eyes open for emails from Wellness. (Those who read their Wellness emails most faithfully are typically the ones who notice the Massage announcements and respond the fastest.) Then Call HOLLY at 6330 and leave a message with an available block of time in which you would like your appt. Or reply to the email with the same information. I respond to calls and emails as quickly as I can, and in the order received.

Which days and times do the 15-minute massages fall on?
The days and times vary every two weeks, to allow employees with different schedules to have an opportunity, at least once a quarter, to get on the massage schedule.

Why don't you schedule a month in advance for massages?
With the ebb and flow of college life, employees' schedules vary unexpectedly and a 15 minute appointment is often the first one to get overlooked. So far, this method has decreased our numbers of missed appointments by 50%.

Can I get on the massage schedule every month at the same time?
We do not have enough openings for everyone who wants to get on the schedule every month. Thus we've instituted the "first-call, first serve" last-minute announcement, at different times of the day and week to reach a different audience by email and allow a broader group of employees the opportunity to get on the schedule.

How often can I get a free 15-minute massage through the Wellness Program?
Once per month, maximum.

Where do I get a list of the Massage Therapists approved by the PUC Healthcare Plan?
Go to Under "Health" click on Approved Massage Therapist List.

How do I get my privately scheduled one-hour massage paid for at 80% by the PUC Healthcare plan?
Choose a therapist from the approved list. After your massage, if your therapist bills for you, you will fill out a brief form for her to submit for payment of the the 80% portion of services. You will pay only 20% of the bill, as long as you have fulfilled your PUC healthcare deductible. If your therapist does not do billing, you will need to pay for services in full, get a receipt from your therapist, and submit it to Delta Insurance claims department with their form from their website. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing and reimbursement. Appropriate billing codes (CPT) must be included for each charge

Which Massage Therapist is best?
All the therapists on the approved list are excellent! Every person who gets a massage has likes, dislikes, areas of special need, etc. Likewise, every therapist has methods, philosophies of practice, and areas of expertise that meet the needs of some clients better than others. I encourage you to try two or three different therapists to find the right fit for you. Then get on a routine of regular full-body massage and BE BLESSED by our wonderful health care plan!

How many massages can I get per plan year?
Up to 30 visits! (On a related note: Chiropractic: 30 visits, Acupuncture: 18 visits)