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Health Services


Health Services Forms

Tuberculosis Skin Test Results
Students must have a TB skin test (or other form of tuberculosis clearance testing) from their medical provider within the last 12 months. You can attach this to your submitted documents, or once obtained, include on your physical examination form.

HIPPA/Privacy Rights Information
What the law says about privacy of your health information.

Health Information Release Form
Students in need of copies from their medical file must fill out this form. Once submitted, requests will be addressed within two business days (exception being the first two weeks of fall quarter each year).

Immunization Waiver Form
Students who have not been vaccinated in the past are allowed to submit this form. In the event of an outbreak these students will be required to leave campus. For a list of the adult immunizations recommended go to www.cdc.gov under Vaccines You Need as an Adult.

Information on Meningococcal disease and preventative vaccination.

Tuberculosis Screening Form
Student born in another country and/or have had extensive contact in endemic areas are required to submit this form.

*These need to be completed only one time before you enroll for the first time, not needed yearly. Specific majors may have additional requirements so please check with your department.