Dining Commons


The following is a description of the different stations and the programs designed by the executive chef, Eddie Jarrell.

Classics– Comforting, soul-satisfying meals that offer the taste of home cooking. Using simple healthy ingredients prepared from scratch, offered with fresh, locally grown vegetables and a variety of side dishes to round out the daily meal.

Global– Flavor and diversity as seen by the culinary traveler, offered by our use of fresh authentic ingredients matched with timeless cooking techniques, from around the world.

Express– On-the-go nourishing foods, for our guests with busy schedules. Offering a variety of classic innovative salads, sandwiches, fruits, desserts and thirst-quenching beverages ready-to-go and displayed in environmentally friendly, biodegradable packages made from corn.

Market Grill– Not-so-traditional American grill with Latin flavors. A fresh grill menu with classic regional favorites from North and South America.

Greens– Fresh is best. The salad bar is made of all fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and legumes, alive with nutrients and flavor along with healthy whole grain salads and house-made salad dressings.

Soups– A daily fresh offering of soup, chili and hearty stews, all made from scratch.

Deli– Made to order the way you like it. Sandwiches, paninis and wraps made from an array of deli proteins, seasonal vegetables, flavored spreads, local cheeses, and artisan products.

Tossed Seasons– “Farm to Fork” is your selection of seasonal local farmers' bounty, tossed for you, creating salads that are full of flavor and nutrition.

Roma– Old- and new-world Italian dishes such as pizzas, pastas, seasonal salads, baked dishes and fresh baked breads all made in our own kitchen.

Sweets Cakes, fresh fruit pies, cookies, cobblers and brownies made fresh daily from our ovens.

Menus– Our menus are created using seasonal and local ingredients at their freshest. Menus are designed from the student feedback received weekly.