Career & Counseling Center

Emergency Resources

If you have an emergency and feel that you cannot  wait until your next scheduled appointment to see a counselor or  you are unable to reach the Counseling Center, call (707) 965-6789 and a counselor will be paged.

You may also go to the St. Helena Hospital emergency room at 650 Sanitarium Road, Deer Park, California 94576.

Dial 911 for a life-threatening emergency! From a cell phone in Napa County dial (707) 253-0911 for the local dispatch.

Crisis Hotlines

Napa County Crisis: 707.253.4711
Sexual Assault Victim Services: 707.944.1234
Napa Emergency Women's Services: 707.255.6397
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1.800.784.2433

Suicide Prevention

San Francisco Suicide Prevention (800) 273-TALK (8255) - San Francisco Suicide Prevention provides emotional support, education, assistance and intervention to all persons in crisis and those impacted by them.

The Trevor Project - The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons.

Half of Us - mtvU provides a platform to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help.

The Jed Foundation - The Jed Foundation promotes emotional health and the prevention of suicide among college and university students.


Adult Children of Alcoholics - ACA is a 12-Step program for persons who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes.

Alcoholics Anonymous - AA is a 12-Step program of persons who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem of alcoholism.

Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center - ISAIC provides information and resources about alcohol and substance abuse tailored to college and university students.

SMART Recovery - SMART Recovery promotes a self-empowering addiction recovery support group based on the latest scientific research.


Anger Management - Anger management tips from the Mayo Clinic.


Go Ask Alice - Columbia University provides information and resources for all types of stress and anxiety issues.

Mental Health Matters - Mental Health Matters provides resources and information about all types mental health issues including anxiety.

The Anxiety Network - The Anxiety Network provides information and help for Social Anxiety, Panic and Generalized Anxiety disorders.

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder Association - The ADDA provides information, resources and networking opportunities to help persons lead better lives.

ADDitude - ADDitude provides clear, accurate, user-friendly information and advice from the leading experts and practitioners in mental health and education on Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.

ADDvance - ADDvance is a resource for females with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.

Bullying and Violence

Stop Bullying - provides information from various agencies and organizations on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk and how you can respond to bullying.

Napa Emergency Woman Services (707) 255-NEWS (6397) - NEWS provides a nurturing refuge for persons and children suffering from domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (800) 656-HOPE (4673) - RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline and carries out programs to prevent sexual violence.


Foundation for Research and Education on Depression - iFred provides information on depression throughout the world in order to prevent the onset, research causes and treatments, and rebrand the disease in a
positive way.

Psych Central - Psych Central is a source for mental health information, as well as providing annotated guides to the most useful websites, newsgroups and mailing lists in mental health.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - DBSA provides hope, help, support and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.

Drugs and Tobacco

Marijuana Anonymous - MA is a 12-Step recovery program for marijuana addiction with online and call-in meetings.

Cocaine Anonymous - CA is a 12-Step recovery program for cocaine addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous - NA is a 12-Step recovery program for drug addiction of all types.

The California Smokers' Helpline (800) NO-BUTTS - The Helpline is a quit smoking service operated by the University of California San Diego's Moore's Cancer Center offering self-help materials, referral to local programs and one-on-one counseling to quit smoking.

Quit Net - Quit Net is the original quit smoking site operates in association with the Boston University School of Public Health.

Eating Disorders

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders - ANAD is dedicated to the prevention and alleviation of eating disorders. "Accept Yourself... Accept Others"

National Eating Disorders Association - NEDA supports persons and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.

The National Association for Males with Eating Disorders - NAMED provides support to males with eating disorders and educates the public on the issue.

General Mental Health

ULifeline - ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential resource center, where college and university students can be comfortable searching for information they need and want regarding emotional health.

Mental Help - The Mental Help Net promotes mental health and wellness education and advocacy.

National Alliance on Mental Illness - NAMI advocates for access to services, treatment, supports and research and is steadfast in its commitment to raise awareness and build a community for hope for all of those in need.

Surgeon General - The Surgeon General serves as America's Doctor by providing Americans the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury.

Learning Disabilities

LD Online - LD Online helps persons reach their full potential by providing accurate and up-to-date information and advice about learning disabilities.

National Center for Learning Disabilities - NCLD promotes success for all persons with learning disabilities in school, at work and in life.

Positive Psychology

Authentic Happiness - Authentic Happiness is a branch of psychology focusing on the empirical study of such things as positive emotions, strengths-based character and healthy relationships.

Time Management & Test Anxiety

Mind Tools - Mind Tools teaches simple, practical techniques that have helped persons in business, sports and education reach their potential.

Time Management Guide - The Time Management Guide provides information about time management and tips for planning schedules.

Study Habits and Test Anxiety - The University of Buffalo Counseling Services tips for better study habits and decreased test anxiety.