Copy Center & Mailing Room2
Copy Center & Mail Room

Customer Hints

  1. The request form must be filled out completely. Remember to specify the number of originals and copies needed as well as the department name and time needed.
  2. When instructing student secretaries to submit orders to the Copy Center, please let them know when you need the job completed as well as all other pertinent information.
  3. When submitting original copies from books remember that we are bound by copyright laws and do not reproduce whole books without written permission.
  4. Please number your original in blue or in light pencil if you do not want the numbers to show.
  5. Use black pens for signatures.
  6. When making originals from computer printers, be sure the ink or toner is dark enough to produce clear, bold copy. Laser prints are preferable. Stick or (crayon) ink prints do not work as origionals.
  7. Pencil and blue inks do not copy well.
  8. Keep in mind that trees are running out. Help save paper and money by running as many jobs back-to-back as possible. It is also much less expensive!