Pacific Union College affirms the values gained from being primarily a residential college. By accepting admission, a single student age 22 or younger agrees to live in a residence hall, unless the student applies for and is granted an exception (see housing policy for exceptions).

Married students or students with children may apply for student family housing in the Brookside Park or Court Place apartments.

Residence Hall Reservation

Fill out the online Housing Reservation that is required of all students to reserve a room within the campus residence halls.

If you are concerned for the health or safety of a friend or classmate, or witness concerning behavior and/or incidents, please fill out the Care & Concern form. The appropriate offices on campus will be notified to provide support and resources. All reports are private and covered under FERPA.

Care & Concern Report Form

Housing Forms

Community Housing w/ Parents
If you're planning to live off campus with your parents, use this form.

Community Housing Application
Students who are under 22 years old and want to live off campus must submit this form.

Community Housing 23-25
Students who are 22 years old but turning 23 during the academic school year and want to live off campus must submit this form.

Student Family Housing Guide
A guide to living in the student family housing apartments.

Residence Life

Gena Philpott
Director, Residential Life
(707) 965-7461 | Contact ยป

Resident Halls

Andre Hall - ext. 7481

Gena Philpott
Associate Dean of Women
(707) 965-7481 | Contact »

Grainger Hall - ext. 6491

David Ringer
Associate Dean of Men
(707) 965-6490 | Contact »

McReynolds Hall - ext. 6149

Kristi Horn
Associate Dean of Women
(707) 965-7478 | Contact »

Newton Hall - ext. 6487

Hernan Granados
Associate Dean of Men
(707) 965-7418 | Contact »

Juan Hidalgo
Assistant Dean of Men
(707) 965-7418 | Contact »

Winning Hall - ext. 6310

Rebecca Seibert
Assistant Dean of Women
(707) 965-6285 | Contact »

Nichol Hall - ext. 6101