Angwin Airport 2
Angwin Airport

Planes & Rates

Rental Rates

Aircraft/Service Training/hr
Cessna 152 (IFR) $105
Piper Seminole $235
Frasca Simulator $50
Flight Instruction $45
Ground Instruction $45

Weight and Balance Data

Aircraft Weight Arm Moment Useful Load
N2216Y 2,543.44lbs 87.01 221,298.99"lbs 1256.56lbs
N5368M 1,182.60lbs 30.21" 35,720.96"lbs 487.40lbs
N714XB 1,170.27lbs 29.778" 34,848.56"lbs 499.73lbs
N24932 1,151.70lbs 29.77" 34,288.05"lbs 518.30lbs

Note: these numbers are for reference only and should be checked with current approved flight manual data.