Teaching & Learning Center

Tutoring: Group/Individual

Free Group Tutoring

The TLC offers free group study sessions Sunday through Thursday for more than 25 college subjects. PUC students may attend sessions in business, languages, math, and science, as well as many other lower-division general education subjects. Tutoring for upper-division general education courses may be arranged according to tutor availability. A copy of the most current schedule for TLC group study sessions is available at the TLC and can also be accessed as a PDF file by clicking on the link below. For more information about the TLC Tutoring Program, please contact Michelle Kendrick, Tutoring & Freshmen Success Coordinator, at (707) 965-7688 or mkendrick@puc.edu.

Tutoring Schedule
Current tutoring schedule.

Final Exam Review Sessions
Final Exam Review Sessions Schedule.

Free Writing Lab

The TLC Writing Lab operates Sunday through Thursday from 6:00-8:00 p.m. to assist students with any college writing assignment.

This resource goes way beyond proof-reading! Writing Lab Instructors work with students individually on how to organize their ideas and to express them more clearly. Students are encouraged to work with a Writing Lab Instructor several times before an assignment is due to get the project started.

Call the TLC at (707) 965-7688 to set up a Writing Lab appointment or look for the green Writing Lab appointments sign-up sheet when you walk through our door. Walk-ins are also welcome!

Individual Tutoring (Free to Qualified Students)

PUC students may qualify for individual tutoring services by meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The student either has, or is in the process of getting documented to receive disability support services. For more information call Judy Cushman, Disabilities Support Services Coordinator, at (707) 965-7688.
  2. The student has obtained a special professor recommendation to receive individual tutoring.
  3. The student participates in the TLC Academic Mentoring Program; regularly meeting with an Academic Mentor.

Individual tutoring is available for any PUC course, provided a qualified peer tutor is available for that subject area. Individual tutors typically work with students two hours a week to supplement TLC Group Study Sessions. Individual tutoring request forms are available in the TLC.

To maintain eligibility for individual tutoring, students are required to regularly attend both class and individual tutoring sessions. Missing three or more tutoring sessions affects eligibility for continuation of these services.

Note: Tutoring forms can be found on the TLC forms & downloads page.