Teaching & Learning Center

Study Skills Courses

The TLC offers dynamic and fun-filled seminars in study skills and time management. Students learn to capitalize on personal passions, using the learning and organizational strengths they already possess.

Michelle Kendrick, the program coordinator for student seminars, facilitates a dynamic curriculum meant to jump-start students' college management skills.

Pacific Union College is committed to offering students a strong Christian education and to assist all students in persisting toward their academic goals. Some students can benefit from additional support to reach their goals, especially if GPAs slip below 2.0, PUC's required cumulative GPA for graduation.

The TLC offers two courses to assist freshmen students if GPAs fall below 2.0 and they are placed on academic probation. These courses are required for freshmen students on first-time academic probation.

GNST 104 Student Seminar I (2 Credits)

This course analyzes students' learning strengths and offers specific learning strategies toward becoming competent independent learners. Students attend classes two times per week.

GNST 105 Student Seminar II (1 Credit)

A course which helps students apply what they have learned in Student Seminar I. Students meet individually with the assigned mentor one time per week.

Note: Study Skills Courses forms can be found on the TLC forms & downloads page.