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Many students, making the sometimes difficult transition from high school to college, could benefit from a little guidance and some conversations on topics ranging from "Successfully navigating the college culture" to "How to best keep up with college demands without being overwhelmed."

Some students wonder why they experience a significant GPA drop between high school and their first year of college. This can happen when students approach these two very different learning environments with similar time management paradigms. An academic mentor works to personally analyze how each student approaches college and helps to set new learning and time management objectives to boost the GPA.

TLC Academic Support Services

Are you getting the grades you want? Unsure about what major to pursue? Use these learning-style and goal-setting inventories to access how you learn best and identify what motivates you. Download these documents, fill them out, and make an appointment with an academic mentor at ext. 7688.

Note: Academic Mentoring forms can be found on the TLC forms & downloads page.

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