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You have been assigned an academic advisor to help you get through college with greater efficiency and effectiveness. The name of your advisor is listed on your information page in WebAdvisor.

The Teaching and Learning Center houses PUC’s undeclared academic advisor, Martin Pita. Phone the TLC (707) 965-7688, to meet with Martin if you are not yet sure of your major.

Academic advisors can give you special insider tips that help you transition faster into the new college culture. Advisors can help you know which classes to take each quarter to get your degree without wasting time. Academics, of course, is their main focus, but you can often ask them life's haunting questions and get years of experience and wisdom from professors who want to share their lives and stories with you.

Get to know your academic advisor. See him or her at least once each quarter. You'll be glad you did!
Note: Academic Advising forms can be found on the TLC forms & downloads page.

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