Pre-Medical Program

The Representative

Every qualified pre-medical student will be evaluated by a representative of the medical school to which he/she is applying. Although this may consist of only a single interview for other medical schools, Loma Linda University encourages its potential applicants to meet with their representative annually.

Loma Linda University School of Medicine sends the associate dean for admissions to the PUC campus twice a year, during the autumn and spring quarters. Appointments can be made at the academic dean's office.

During the freshman and sophomore year, a personal interview is not necessary unless an individual has a unique situation which necessitates counsel. The Loma Linda University School of Medicine representative holds a general meeting for freshman pre-medical students and any other interested students during the fall and spring quarter of each year. After a brief presentation describing the LLU School of Medicine, students are encouraged to ask any questions regarding the medical school, requirements, and the application process. Every freshman/new pre-medical student should be at this meeting.

Sophomores and juniors should plan to see the associate dean of admissions from Loma Linda at the general meeting. During her visit in the spring, juniors should have a personal interview.

Most other medical schools will interview by invitation only. An interview will be granted if the preliminary judgment of the medical school (based on grades and MCAT) is favorable. Usually the interview will take place on the medical school campus.