Pre-Medical Program

Non-required Science Classes

The nonrequired courses listed below are useful to the pre-medical student in that they give either an introduction to an area that will be covered in considerably more depth in medical school or general background information that will be useful throughout the career of the physician or will aid in MCAT performance. It is important to note that if a student tried to take all these courses in addition to the classes for the chosen major, the student would be here more than four years. Many non-science majors find it helpful to take two or three of these courses.It is recommended that the student choose from this list as space and time are available during the junior and senior year. Course descriptions and prerequisites are listed in the General Catalog.

Alphabetical listing of popular non-required pre-med courses:

  • Advanced Human Anatomy (BIOL 422)
  • Biochemistry II (CHEM 482)
  • Biochemistry III (CHEM 483)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology (BIOL 320)
  • Developmental Biology (BIOL 419)
  • Genetics (BIOL 354)
  • Histology (BIOL 426)
  • Immunology (Biol 496)
  • Medical Microbiology (Biol 366)
  • Neurobiology (BIOL 430)
  • Systems Physiology (BIOL 348)