Pre-Dental Program

Information & Requirements

Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

Most PUC pre-dental students go on to attend the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Here you will find information from LLU regarding the School of Dentistry.

Application Timeline

Target Date Process
Spring T-1 Contact teachers/advisors/religious leaders to request recommendation letters: one personal recommendation and one committee letter (the preference of most dental schools) OR four personal recommendations. Contact the Academic Dean's office for a pre-professional recommendation letter request form (x 6234).
June, T-1 Work on the on-line AADSAS application.   Be sure to carefully craft your personal statement and have it reviewed by reliable sources. Apply to take the DAT.
By September 1, T-1 Send in completed AADSAS application with official transcripts including any summer school classes. It is to your advantage to apply as close to the application opening date (June 1) as possible.
By late September T-1 Receive secondary application from the School of Dentistry. Request official transcripts (mailed directly from all colleges) and letters of recommendation be sent.
Early October, T-1 (or before) Return secondary application to School of Dentistry.
November, T-1 Select applicants invited to interview with School of Dentistry representative when they visit PUC.
December, T-1 through March, T Acceptances sent to applicants.
September, T Enter LLU School of Dentistry!
Follow-up: Call the Admissions Office, (800) 422-4558 opt. 3 or (909) 824-4621, and ask about your application. Do not assume that everything is OK without checking.
DAT review source: Preparing for the DAT, Betz Publishing Co., (800) 634-4365.


  1. Apply through the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS).
  2. LLU screens application and sends Supplementary Application to eligible applicants.
  3. LLU screens completed Supplementary Application and sends invitation for interviews to selected applicants.
  4. Interview on campus (here at PUC during November visit).
  5. Completed applicant file is reviewed by Admissions Committee and acceptance letter is sent to selected applicant.

Taking the DAT

Test Session

When the candidate arrives at the Sylvan Testing Center to take the Computerized DAT, two forms of identification will be requested. One form must include a photograph; and at least one must include a signature. At the Sylvan test center, candidates will be photographed and fingerprinted before proceeding with the test.

The candidate will be able to become familiar with the workings of the computer by taking a brief tutorial before beginning the actual test. The DAT is presented in the multiple-choice format. Candidates may request scratch paper to be used during the test.

The candidate will have a total of 4 hours and 5 minutes to complete the four tests in the DAT battery. A 15-minute break is optional after completing the second test in the battery. If you take the break, be aware that the computer will start the next test segment after 15 minutes even if you have not returned yet.

The Computerized DAT battery includes

  • Survey of Natural Sciences - 90 Minutes
  • Perceptual Ability Test - 60 Minutes
  • Break (optional) - 15 Minutes
  • Reading Comprehension Test - 60 Minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning Test - 45 Minutes

Test Results

The candidate will receive official DAT scores immediately after completing the four tests in the DAT battery. Schools indicated on the candidate's application to receive DAT scores will receive them approximately three weeks after the testing date.

For more information about the DAT, go to the ADA site for the DAT.

Pre-Dental Recommendations

In March of the year in which you apply for dental school, you need to also turn in a request for a recommendation from PUC. The committee begins meeting in early April so you must turn in your application within the last few weeks of winter quarter. The application is available at the Academic Dean's Office. Please note that you may request a committee recommendation at the beginning of fall quarter but this will reduce your chances for admission as LLUSD and many other dental schools practice rolling admissions.  It will be to your benefit if you are well known to the individuals on the Professional Recommendation Committee and if you provide ample information on your recommendation request to aid us in our evaluation. The individuals on the Professional Recommendation Committee are:

Committee Member Department
Marlo Waters (chair) Associate Academic Dean
Ross Winkle Religion
John Duncan Biology (Pre-Medical advisor)
Marie Pak Chemistry (Pre-Medical advisor)
Robin Vance Biology (Pre-Medical advisor)
Aimee Wyrick Biology (Pre-Dental advisor)
Pablo Hilario Chemistry (Pre-Dental advisor)
Kent Davis Chemistry (Pre-med advisor)
Denise Lee-Haye Chemistry (Pre-pharm advisor)