Honors 1

Student Opportunities

Study Elsewhere

Our seminars abroad focus on experiential learning by participating in a new culture.  Along with the reading of texts, students examine the art and artifacts of local museums, attend concerts, study architecture—that is, they immerse themselves in a different place.  One option for these seminars will be Florence, Italy with excursions to Rome and Venice.

Check out this recap from summer 2014: Honors Students Discover Beauty in Florence

Honors Scholarships help to underwrite this opportunity.  Students receive free tuition for the seminar. In addition, PUC contributes $1000 towards room & board expenses.

Honors Project

The Honors project allows students to showcase the expertise they have developed.  Students define their project by the end of the junior year and complete it their senior year.  For some, the project highlights their creative talents.  These have included short stories, documentary films, museum exhibits and musical compositions.  Other students have highlighted their scholarly talents through investigative research. Topics have included sexism in the corporate workplace, fat algae as a potential biofuel, the history of women in SDA ministry.

The Honors Project, then, is an opportunity to explore an area of personal interest with the mentorship of an advisor.

Recent projects include:

  • The Vashti: The Cost of Answering the Call. Samantha Angeles
  • Measurements of H2+ and H Systems Using a Particle Accelerator with Applications for Astrophysics Phenomena and DNA Charge Transfer. Kieffer Bacani
  • Off-Book: Memory for Monologues Using the Trigger Approach. Kaitlyn Dent
  • Walking on a Tightrope: What the Workplace Requires of Women. Kristy Guy
  • East, West, and Somewhere in Between: A Musical Composition. Namiko Nagayama
  • A History of Gay and Lesbian Culture: 1920s to the Present in America. Ashley Vance
  • Fat Algae: The Effect of Growth media on Fatty Acid Synthesis in Chlamydomoras reinhardtii. Sara Williams
  • Pondering Pitcairn: Assembling a Truth (presented as a museum exhibition). Eliana Zacarias

Scholarship Funds

Students receive Honors scholarship in two ways.  PUC significantly helps underwrite the expenses for studying abroad through the summer seminar. Secondly, students who successfully complete their honors project receive a $1000 scholarship credited to their last quarter’s tuition.