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The Honors Program is a learning community where students think deeply about the interaction of ideas and faith as they examine issues alongside texts of literature, philosophy and art. Consequently, Honors students excel as:

  • seekers of truth, engaging in a journey of personal growth and spiritual development;
  • distinguished scholars, exhibiting intellectual curiosity, cre­ativity, critical thinking and a commitment to academic excel­lence; and
  • capable leaders, serving the wider community through the integration of faith, knowledge and ingenuity.

Participation in the Honors Program replaces the traditional General Education requirements.

As is traditional with Honors programs, this abridged GE curriculum provides credit space for students to pursue double majors, or minors, or to customize electives that align with their individual goals.

The Honors Program is compatible with any major and may be particularly desirable for pre-professional students wishing to gain the broad liberal arts background sought by graduate, law, and medical school admissions committees. Students pursuing certain specialized programs (such as nursing licensure or elementary education credentials) may need to complete additional general education classes required for those programs.

We invite motivated, articulate, and intellectually inquisitive individuals to join our quota of 20 students each fall.


Honors Program applicants are expected to meet the following entrance requirements:      

  • A minimum 3.5 high school GPA
  • Composite exam scores at or above 26 (ACT) or 1200 (SAT)
  • Strong writing skills
  • A high school curriculum that includes the successful completion of the following:
    • 4 years of English
    • 2 years of history
    • 3 years of mathematics (including Algebra II)
    • 3 years of science
    • 1 (or more) years of foreign language study

Interested transfer students (especially those who have been enrolled in an Honors curriculum elsewhere) may request a review of their transcripts.  Please email the Program Direc­tor at gehill@puc.edu.  

* If a student is admitted without having successfully completed Al­gebra II in secondary school, the student will need to demonstrate the algebra proficiency prior to graduation (see Section IV, Part A, of the General Education Requirements). The algebra proficiency also is a prerequisite to STAT 222.

Applying to the Honors Program

Freshmen enrollment is limited to 20 students per year. Online applications are reviewed monthly until all seats are filled.  Please submit the online application.


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