Honors 1

Degrees & Programs

The Honors curriculum consists of required seminars, enrichment electives, cognates and an Honors Project.

First-Year Seminars (5 credits each)

HNRS 111 Narrating the Quest explores the ubiquitous motif of quests in literature. Students will examine journeys and discoveries as a lense for examining their own quests. In particular, they will consider the relationship between the geography of physical journeys and their spiritual, interior journeys. As a writing and literature course, they will also develop the basis for strong scholarly work—reading strategies, the habits of mind for questioning and exploring possible answers, the art of dialectical conversation and effective group discussions, as well as stylistically sophisticated reflective and academic writing.

HNRS 121 Analyzing the Arts  offers an interdisciplinary overview of the arts (music, visual arts, literature) through an examination of the theme of creation. What does it mean to create? What are the responsibilities of the creator? What are the moral implications of art? From the Greek Prometheus myth to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the class will address the struggle to balance the human desire to create with the risks associated with that god-like act. Students will continue to hone their writing abilities particularly through literary analysis and research.

HNRS 131 Scientific Inquiry examines scientific thought and methodology through the theme of food. Among other things, students will investigate the physical and chemical changes that occur during cooking, learn tools to evaluate claims about nutrition and diet fads, and examine the impact of climate change, genetic modification, and factory farming on food, humans, and the environment.

Additional Required Seminars (Total of 23 credits)

  • HNRS 201 Engaging Scripture
  • HNRS 202 Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • HNRS 301 Discovering Jesus  
  • HNRS 380 Seminar (Two different topics)
  • HNRS 403 The Christian Scholar

Enrichment Electives (Take 10 credits from select courses including these)

  • ARTH 370  Modern and Contemporary Art
  • COMM 426  Argumentation
  • ENGL 352  Theme Courses
  • MATH 451  History of Mathematics
  • MGMT 466  Business and Society
  • PHYS 485 Issues in Science & Religion

Honors  Project (3 credits)

  • HNRS 490 Honors Project I
  • HNRS 491 Honors Project II

Cognates (9-11 credits)

  • STAT 222* Introduction to Statistics
  • One lab science course from subjects
  • Two exercise science activity (ESAC) courses

Foreign Language

Students pursuing a B.A. degree will need to complete the Foreign Language requirement outlined for the B.A. General Education Requirement.

All other students complete one of the following options:

  • One year of foreign language study in high school
  • One Language & Culture class


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