Non-Discrimination Policy

The Education department at Pacific Union College will accept your application for credential program admission regardless of your race, age, sex, or national origin so long as your attitude and behavior are in harmony with the goals and traditions of this Seventh - day Adventist college and your abilities and preparation indicate the probability of academic success.

Although church affiliation is not required for admission, you are expected to abide by the policies outlined in the PUC Catalogue and the Student Handbook.  To qualify for admission you must give evidence of intellectual competence, high moral character, satisfactory heath, and a genuine desire to learn.

Grievance/Petition Process

The grievance/petition process within the Education Department is for students, as grievances involving faculty are addressed in the campus-wide grievance process.

Grievances that students may want faculty to review:

  • a request of admission that was previously declined.
  • a mid-term or final departmental review that was Not Approved or Approved with Reservations.
  • a department decision to not recommend for a candidate’s state and/or SDA church certification.

Students are informed that they can petition for 1) a reversal of a department decision, or 2) an exception to a department policy.  Students may request that they be heard, either in person or in writing.

The grievances or petitions are discussed by departmental faculty in group session, with petitioners then formally informed of the faculty decision.

Students are informed of the Grievance Process in three ways.

  1. A poster describing the grievance process is posted on the lobby bulletin board.
  2. The grievance process is included in the credential candidate application packet.
  3. The following statement of fair treatment and grievance process is included in all Education Department syllabi.

“The PUC Teacher Credential Program is committed to the health and safety of students and will seek to be open and fair in matters relating to classroom instruction and student teaching placements. Students who feel they have been treated inappropriately should report the incident to the department chairperson. Students who desire a department decision to be reviewed may petition their request in writing to the department chairperson.”

Department Materials

Below is a list of educational resources that can be very helpful for the teachers at any level.

Title II Annual Report
California Teacher Preparation Programs

Title II Annual Report
Pacific Union College

Pacific Union Conference Teacher Certification Website with K-12 Certification Manual


Job Opportunities

Teaching positions in California

Teaching positions in the SDA school system

Teaching positions in private schools across America


California Basic Educational Skills Test

California Subject Examinations for Teachers

Reading Instruction Competence Assessment

California Teacher Performance Assessment


North American Division

Pacific Union Conference

Northern Pacific Union Conference

Arizona Conference

Central California Conference

Hawaii Conference

Nevada-Utah Conference

Northern California Conference

Southeastern California Conference

Southern California Conference