Mission Statement

The mission of the Education Department is to develop professional and compassionate teachers who have the skills and teaching strategies necessary to create a rigorous and stimulating classroom climate where learning takes place for all students.

Vision Statement

As a Seventh-day Adventist institute of higher education, we believe education should restore human beings into the image of God. Our vision is to prepare teacher candidates who can lead their students into saving, transforming relationships with Jesus Christ through the development of the whole child: spiritual, physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional. In so doing, we—and they—will be helping to fulfill the commission of preaching the gospel to all the world.

To achieve our mission to prepare pre-service candidates for a successful teaching career, a career that reflects their commitment to the profession, to children and their families, and to the future, we are committed to inspiring and supporting our candidates to be knowledgeable and skilled in the following elements:

Intentional friendship Candidates will understand the importance of positive relationships between all those involved with student success—students with other students, teachers with students, and teachers with other teachers.

Relevant, engaging curriculum leading to competence and mastery Candidates will understand how to create relevant learning experiences for students, and evaluate them through effective assessments.

Non-coercive, well-managed classrooms Candidates will understand how to manage classrooms effectively and to do so without reliance on coercive or manipulative strategies.

Applied Christianity Candidates will recognize the value of applying the principles of a Christian life within the classroom setting and supporting students as they find their way on their personal Christian journeys.

The Pacific Union College Department of Education is dedicated to preparing the best possible teachers. To accomplish this the department seeks to meet several goals.

Department Goals

Classroom field experiences throughout the program
From the time of entry into the program the student will be regularly exposed to classroom teaching through observation, short-term field experiences, and full-time student teaching. These opportunities help make the student comfortable and competent in the classroom setting.

Exposure to college teachers who teach from their own real-life experiences
Our college faculty are all fully-certified teachers who have many years of experience in elementary or secondary classrooms. They bring to the classroom a rich practical background to share with teachers-in-training.

Development of a wide variety of teaching skills
Our program seeks to teach students to plan effective lessons, create an environment of learning, develop clear presentation skills, assess student learning, reach students with diverse needs, motivate learners, and behave professionally.

Full accreditation of credential programs
Our credential programs are fully accredited by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, which gives assurance of a quality learning experience resulting in the desired credentials.

Fast Facts

  • The Adventist Mission Scholarship in Education is available to anyone entering the teaching profession.
  • Scholarships are awarded each year to quality candidates who are scheduled for full-time student teaching.
  • Job placement assistance is provided through the Education Days banquet and interviews, the annual Placement Book, and placement files.
  • Each spring candidates completing their programs are honored and recognized by the department faculty and staff at a special Teacher Dedication service for the candidates and their families.
  • Candidates completing our programs become successful preschool, elementary, and secondary teachers.


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  • Adventist Mission Scholarship Sparks Department Growth Over the last five years, two departments in particular saw incredible growth in their student headcount. Since the fall quarter of 2009, the number of students declaring a major in religion or theology grew by more than a third, while the education department saw a significant increase in the number of students seeking teaching credentials and bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education.
  • Adventist Heritage Colloquy Features Education Success Pacific Union College’s guest for the October 23 installment of the Colloquy Speakers Series was Elissa Kido, Ph.D. Each fall, the special Adventist Heritage Colloquy celebrates PUC’s Adventist identity and history, and Kido’s presentation on how the Adventist educational system produces developed, prepared individuals who are destined for success was especially relevant for the students and faculty gathered in the PUC Church Sanctuary.
  • Jim Roy Publishes Biography on William Glasser Pacific Union College Professor of Education Jim Roy has published a biography of William Glasser, a pioneer in the field of psychiatry through his research and publications on choice theory.