Jim Roy, Ed.D.

Professor of Education

Office: West Hall 209

Phone: (707) 965-6644

Faculty Since: 2000

B.S., Pacific Union College, 1977
M.A.T., Andrews University, 1978
Ed.D., La Sierra University, 1989

Jim Roy, professor, specializes in secondary education. His doctorate studies focused on the ideas of William Glasser, a renowned leader in the field of Choice Theory and non-coercive leadership practice. As a result of his studies, Roy was chosen as the authorized biographer of Dr. Glasser. He also served 22 years within the K-12 system as teacher, principal, and associate superintendent, with eight of those years as principal of Foothills Elementary School, just down the hill from Angwin. Roy frequently travels to conferences or schools around the country to speak or give workshops on how to implement the ideas in his 2005 book Soul Shapers: A Better Plan for Parents and Educators. His interests include the TLC4 Sabbath School class, which is devoted more to action than talking; developing and nurturing fellow Soul Shapers; writing; Goldwing trips; and golf; though that one's hanging by a thread!