Early Childhood

Come and discover yourself at the same time as you study Early Childhood Education and help make a difference in how our world is developing.


“The Child is the Father of the Man.” (William Wordsworth)

Why should you receive a degree in early childhood education?

  • To improve the educational capabilities and the potential of each child.
  • To stimulate and increase the cognitive and social-emotional capacity within each individual for their growth potential is increased when each child receives proper and sequential cognitive challenges.

Why Pacific Union College?

The field of early childhood involves studies completed by Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, along with curriculum development such as Reggio Emilia, Creative Curriculum, High Scope and the Project Approach.

At PUC, you will receive extensive background of each of these curriculums that makes you become an expert in the education and development of children from birth through the age of eight years old.

You will receive extensive classroom experience through internship and practical placement in preschool and classroom settings.

Charaine Lucas, M.S.
Assistant Professor of Education
Director, On & Off-Campus ECE Programs
Teaching Faculty, Early Childhood Education

Phone: (707) 965-6340