Academic Administration

Dual Credit

Program Description

In accordance with Education Code C26-108, the Dual Credit program at Pacific Union College provides qualified academy students with the opportunity to simultaneously earn College credit and academy credit for lower division courses taken on their own academy campus.

For convenience, the Pacific Union Conference has arranged for academies in the Northern, Central, Nevada-Utah, and Hawaii conferences to partner with Pacific Union College; however, if PUC does not offer a course that an academy wishes to teach, it may partner with La Sierra University for Dual Credit if the institution offers the course. Similarly, academies in the Arizona, Southern and Southeastern California Conferences may partner with PUC for classes not offered by LSU.

Course Instructor Qualification

  • A master’s degree with at least one baccalaureate or higher degree in the subject area being taught

Student Admissions Qualifications

  • Current enrollment in grade 11 or 12
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 after the most recent semester
  • Endorsement from the academy registrar as a qualified candidate
  • Consent of a parent or legal guardian

How to Partner with PUC to Offer Dual Credit

  1. Academies interested in partnering with Pacific Union College to offer dual credit in lower-division courses are encouraged to first contact the conference superintendent for course approval. Once the course is approved, the academy is then invited to submit messages of interest to the Office of the Associate Academic Dean at Pacific Union College (contact information below), including a description of the proposed Dual Credit course, and the instructor candidate’s CV and relevant transcripts. Once received, the Office of the Associate Academic Dean will draw up a matriculation agreement and send it to the academy.
  2. The Associate Academic Dean and appropriate department chair will review the instructor candidate’s qualifications for teaching the proposed course. Once the signed matriculation agreement is returned by the academy to the College and the instructor is approved, the Office of the Associate Academic Dean will send the instructor the course description from the College’s General Catalog, syllabus guidelines, and any additional objectives and sample syllabi available for the course.
  3. Once the course syllabus is approved by the appropriate department chair, the Office of the Associate Academic Dean will provide a course-specific student registration form and registration-completion instructions.
  4. Completed student registration forms—signed by the student, the student’s parent or legal guardian, and the academy registrar (who will verify that the student meets the GPA requirement and any prerequisite requirements specified on the registration form—and tuition payments (10% of the current tuition rate per unit, as specified in the matriculation agreement) are to be collected by the academy and mailed en masse to the College.
  5. Upon registration, each student will receive an acceptance letter from the Associate Academic Dean, which will also provide the student’s PUC ID number, and instructions for how to set up appropriate PUC accounts and how to access the College’s library services online.
  6. Once the course is completed, the College will assign PUC credit for registered students based on the final grades submitted by the Dual Credit course instructor. Please note: all assigned grades for Dual Credit courses become a permanent part of the students’ PUC transcript.

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