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Community Attendance Exemption Request Form

If you are registered for six or fewer credits, enrolled in the BSN or DCP programs, or are completing your student teaching, you are automatically exempt from the Community Speaker Series attendance requirements. There are, however, additional qualifying situations that you can request exemption on the basis of. If you are a parent with a young child or children at home, are the primary caretaker of an elderly or disabled relative, or have already earned a baccalaureate degree, you may request exemption from the Community Speaker Series for the present academic year by submitting the following form.

Please note: you will need to submit a form each academic year that you are enrolled at PUC and qualify for an exemption. At any time you may be required to submit proof of your claim. Remember, integrity—soundness of character; honesty—is a core value of Pacific Union College. As such, we expect all students to exhibit good moral and ethical standards. It is a violation of these standards to make false claims about your situation.

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