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Community Attendance Credit Request Form

Missing Community attendance credit on your record can occur for several reasons: if you swipe in after 10:05, your credit will not be entered; if you swipe out, but not in—or in, but not out—your credit will not be entered. If any of the above reasons describe your situation, you cannot request for credit to be entered because you are in conflict with the Community Attendance/Tardy Policy (see the Campus Community page for more information). ).  If, however, your credit was not recorded because the swiping device failed to read your card when you swiped in and/or out, you can request for your attendance credit to be entered by submitting the following form.

It is therefore important for students to frequently check their Community credit on Student Planning/WebAdvisor to ensure that they receive the credits they have earned.  If you don’t see credit for a program you know that you attended in its entirety (you did not come in late, leave early, or did not attend at all), please use this form to request that credit be entered. Our Community attendance program committee will review your request, and you will be notified of their decision by email within 2-4 business days.

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