Academic Administration

College Early

College Early is an opportunity offered by Pacific Union College for qualified high school students to take a college course either on our campus, or, in approved situations, on their own high school campus prior to graduation (see “Off-Campus Enrollment” below).

Through the College Early program, local students may register for up to 6 credit hours of lower division courses (numbers of 299 or below) at a reduced tuition rate each quarter that they are eligible for enrollment. The rate for the current academic year is listed on the program registration form. The College Early reduced tuition rate does not apply to Adventist Colleges Abroad, flight training courses, private music lessons, audited courses, or directed study courses. In addition to applicable College Early tuition charges, there are established fees associated with certain courses (e.g. materials fees for Visual Arts courses). See page 223 in the General Catalog for an overview of the current fee structure.

Because tuition for College Early is already at a reduced rate, PUC employee discounts for children of faculty and staff members do not apply. However, all students who decide to attend PUC after high school receive a 50% reimbursement of their College Early tuition.

For more information about College Early, please email or call the Associate Academic Dean’s office at 707-965-7103.

Please Note: All received grades for College Early courses become a permanent part of the student’s PUC transcript.

Student Admission Qualifications

  •  Current enrollment in grade 11 or 12
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 after most recent semester completed
  • Endorsement by the high school registrar as a qualified applicant
  • Consent of a parent or legal guardian

Application Procedure

  • Download and complete the College Early Registration Form.
  • Download and complete the College Early Billing Agreement for PUC Employees or the College Early Billing Agreement for Non-PUC Employees as applicable.  (Note: PUC Preparatory School students taking one class per quarter do not need to fill out the College Early Billing Agreement form. This form only needs to be completed whenever this is a tuition charge).
  • Search a complete list of available courses by going to and clicking on “Search for Sections.” Enter the term you are interested in, select “Lower Division” from the “Course Levels” drop-down menu, and click “Submit.”
  •  Once the form is completed—and signed by the student, the student’s parent, and the student’s registrar—the form is to be turned in to the Associate Academic Dean’s office (either dropped off, faxed, or mailed; see contact information below).
  • First-time enrollees will receive a letter from the Associate Academic Dean’s office with their PUC ID number, which is needed to set up the student’s online accounts (visit
  • Enrolled students will receive a billing statement for tuition. The current tuition rate for the academic year is listed on the registration form.