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Colloquy Speaker Series

The bi-weekly PUC Colloquy Speaker Series takes place on alternating Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in the church sanctuary. The Colloquy Speaker Series is designed to be a time when the entire campus community comes together to explore new horizons in art, music, intellect, religion, spirituality, service opportunities, cultures, and even our own community here at PUC from a Christian perspective. We hope to learn, to celebrate, to exchange new ideas, and to worship together.

Colloquy Speaker Series Syllabus
Syllabus for Campus Colloquy GRNL 100.

Colloquy Attendance Waiver Request Form
Use this form to request that your attendance be waived each quarter that you are eligible.

Colloquy Attendance Exemption Request Form
Use this form to request that you be exempted from attending Colloquy for the upcoming academic year.

Colloquy Attendance Credit Request Form
Use this form to request credit for a program you attended, but are missing credit for.

Academic Credit for the Colloquy Speaker Series

All students registered for seven or more credits are automatically registered for the course GNRL 100, worth 0.1 units each quarter. Attending at least five out of six programs each quarter earns a grade of S; failure to attend five programs results in an F grade. These grades appear on the college transcript and are counted in the GPA. Card swipers will swipe your card as you enter and as you exit. Colloquy Speaker Series attendance records are posted on WebAdvisor. These records may be viewed at Once you log in, click on Worship/Chapel Attendance under the heading General Information.

Attendance Credit for Colloquy Speaker Series

Colloquy Speaker Series attendance as a GNRL 100 requirement is separate from the Religious and Community Service Attendance (a.k.a. "worship credits"). However, once you have attended your required five colloquies, two Religious and Community Service Attendance credits are available for each additional Colloquy Speaker Series program you attend.

Colloquy Speaker Series Attendance/Tardy Policy

Students who swipe in after 10:05, or do not swipe out following the program (or leave early) will not receive credit for attending that given Colloquy Speaker Series program.

If you log on to your WebAdvisor account to check your Colloquy Speaker Series attendance record (under General Information) and find that you are missing credit for a program that you know you attended without being in contention with the Attendance/Tardy policy as specified above, you may request for credit to be entered using the attendance credit request form online as it is likely that the swiping device failed to record you when you came in and/or out of the program. 

Once you submit the form, the Colloquy attendance program committee will review your form, and you will be notified of their decision by email within 2-4 business days. DO NOT wait until the end of the quarter to request credit. To ensure that you remember details from the program (which you must accurately recall in order to receive credit), it is advisable to never wait more than 2 weeks to submit a request. At the very least, you MUST submit all credit requests for the current quarter BEFORE final grades are posted.

Colloquy Speaker Series Schedule Conflicts

Students only have to attend five Colloquy Speaker Series programs per quarter to receive credit for the course. If a student anticipates unusual persistent schedule conflicts throughout the quarter, attendance waiver request forms are available online. Please note: if you have class directly before and/or after the ten-o’clock-hour on Thursday, it is unlikely that your request for a waiver will be approved. Also, students requesting an attendance waiver on the basis of a work conflict must submit a letter from their employer indicating the student's Thursday work hours.

Colloquy Speaker Series Exemptions

If you are registered for six or fewer credits, enrolled in the BSN or DCP programs, or are completing your student teaching you are automatically exempt from the Colloquy Speaker Series attendance requirements. There are, however, additional qualifying situations that you can request exemption on the basis of.  If you are a parent with a child or children at home, are the primary caretaker of an elderly or disabled relative, or have already earned a baccalaureate degree you may request exemption from the Colloquy Speaker Series for the present academic year by submitting the online exemption form.

Colloquy Speaker Series Information

Questions regarding the Colloquy Speaker Series attendance program may be directed to

The Colloquy Speaker Series Civility Clause

To be "civil" means to refrain from rudeness. To this end, please come on time; put away cell phones, textbooks, laptops, iPods, or whatever might distract you or others from the program at hand. Carrying on extended conversations during the program is distracting to others and disrespectful to the speaker. Please choose to be civil, not rude, during our time together at the Colloquy Speaker Series programs.