Academic Administration

Exam Change Request

Exam Time Changes

Changes to final exam schedules can only be authorized by the academic dean. You must fill in the "Special Examination Request" form and turn it in to the Academic Administration office located on the Garden Level of Chan Shun Hall. The form must be turned in to Academic Administration 10 days before the beginning of test week. The only reasons for changing an exam time that are guaranteed to be accepted are as follows:

  • A death in the immediate family;
  • A documented medical emergency demanding immediate attention;
  • An examination schedule with four final exams on one day;
  • An examination schedule with three final exams in a row on one day.

Changes to final exam times for any reason other than those listed above are not guaranteed to be approved. If they are approved, you could be charged up to $100 per exam. All travel, work, medical appointments, and other plans must be arranged around the final exam schedule to avoid conflict.

For questions regarding the exam change policy and/or procedures, contact Academic Administration at (707) 965-6234 or email