Academic Administration

Academic Advising Questionnaires

At the end of every spring quarter, the Academic Administration provides students with the opportunity to evaluate each of their academic advisors using a system called EvaluationKIT that is integrated with Canvas. The questionnaire is available on the Wednesday before finals week through the Sunday following the last day of final exams.

Below is a copy of the survey questions for your reference.

All submitted questionnaires are completely anonymous. It is impossible to connect an individual response with a student’s nameā€”even for the administrators. Advisors may only access the statistical results at the end of the concurrent student course evaluation period, after final grades are posted.

To further protect student anonymity, only advisors with five or more students on their roster are qualified for the evaluation process.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Office of the Associate Academic Dean at 707-965-7103 or email the survey administrator at