Parent FAQ

Visiting PUC

What airport should I fly in to when visiting PUC?

What accommodations are near the school?


What are the dates for breaks?

When are finals?


What is PUC’s mailing address?

How should I address a care package to my student?

Financial Aid and Payments

What is PUC’s tuition, room, and board?

Are there payment plans?

What are the payment methods?

FERPA/Student Privacy

What is FERPA?

What does that mean for parents?

Residential Life

What are the residential hall hours?

What does a residential hall room come with?

What should else my student bring?

What can’t my student bring?

What about appliances?

Anything else to note?


What is the best cell phone provider to have?

What is the PUC meal plan? 

What is the Angwin Plaza?

What emergency resources are available to my student?