General Information

How To Get A Job

We do not place people in jobs. However departments and off-campus employers post positions on Handshake. It is your responsibility to contact potential employers, apply, and obtain the job. Some departments on campus may have their own applications. Helpful Hints: Many employers like to see a résumé included with an application. Planning your class schedule with large blocks of time, (3-4 hours) will enhance your chances of getting a job. Not all employers list their open positions on Handshake; if you are interested in working for a certain department, contact them.

Download Application Packet

Once You Have A Job On Campus

In order to obtain a Student Employment Authorization form for employment at Pacific Union College, you need to complete the following documents:

  • PUC Employment Application
  • Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit request form
  • W-4 (federal form)
  • DE-4 (state form)
  • I-9 (federal Employment Eligibility Verification form)
  • Confidential Information Agreement form
  • Student Employment Handbook agreement form
  • Student Employment Information form  

You will also need to present original (not photocopies or pictures) identification as outlined on the I-9 form (i.e. passport, driver's license and social security card/birth certificate) when you turn in your application packet.

After you have received a Student Employment Authorization form, you are responsible for having it completed and signed by your employer and returning it to the Student Employment Office. You must request a new Employment Authorization form for each new or additional job you obtain on campus. Legally you may not begin working until all of the above forms, including the Employment Authorization form, have been completed and returned to the Student Employment office.

Typical Wages

Campus Student Worker jobs are paid at minimum wage unless the position is a designated 'hard-to-fill' position.  Student Employment can advise you which positions fall into that category.  Hard-to-fill positions are reviewed by Human Resources periodically and may return to minimum wage at any time.


Payday is every other Thursday. Your first paycheck needs to be picked up at the Student Employment office. Paychecks will be available after 9:00 a.m. on payday. If you change addresses, please let us know so we can redirect your paycheck. We do not print Pay Advices but they can be viewed online at with your PUC e-mail username/ password.  Log in and then select Employee instead of Student.

Direct Deposit

As an employee at Pacific Union College or Howell Mountain Enterprises, we strongly recommend you enroll in direct deposit. This free service transfers your earnings directly into your checking or savings account at your bank.  Direct deposit takes one full payroll cycle (two weeks) to establish service. which is why your first paycheck will be a paper check that you pick up at the Student Employment office. Having direct deposit means you won't have to wait till you get back from school breaks to pick up your checks or risk forgetting to pick up your last check at the end of the school year or have to hang around after exams for an extra week if it's not a payday week. 

Lost Payroll Check Replacement Policy

If you have lost or destroyed your paycheck the check can be replaced by contacting the Payroll Office at extension 7300. Requests to replace lost checks take 7 days to process.

Federal Work Study Program

This program usually begins in either winter or spring quarter. If you qualify, a portion of your wages may be subsidized through the Federal Work- Study Program. 

International Students

International Students may work on campus up to 20 hours per week while school is in session, and up to 40 hours during scheduled school vacations. Additional documents, such as your I-94 form and passport are required for identification. Some employees may also be eligible for a tax exemption if a treaty exists between their country and the United States. Please talk with the International Student Support office at Student Services for more information.

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